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Using Invisalign - New Jersey

I have only been using Invisalign for two months...

I have only been using Invisalign for two months now and already see improvement. I always had straight teeth, but I've noticed crowding the last 4-5 years. Now 50ish..I decided that if I "have to" get old, I don't have to have crooked teeth too.

It is definately a life style commitment while going through treatment. My experience so far has been very minimal discomfort after changing each aligner. They're tight after I first put them in at night and fine by morning. It's true..very few people notice I'm wearing them and I work in a corporate environment.

The final results are yet to be determined.

Hi 50+.

Welcome to the Invisalign community. I'm glad, so far, things seem to be going well for you with minimum pain and all. And very few of your co-workers noticing is also great. Do you know how long you will have to wear them for? How far in are you in with the process? Please keep us updated.

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Hi Britt...I just started treatment in January and I was told to expect to wear them for a year. In reading the other comments, I see others are also have problems with the aligner cutting into the gums. I'm hoping to see more suggestions on how to make this more comfortable? Thanks!

Hi 50+,

Well the retainer I had to wear after metal braces I sanded  the part that hurt a little with I think a nail file. I also wore bees wax on the sides that cut into my gums, but eventually my gums built up a sort of scar tissue. Please keep us updated. 



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Seems very confident this treatment will work for me.

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