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Good Rhinoplasty? - New Jersey

My goals for the Rhinoplasty: -Remove the nasal...

My goals for the Rhinoplasty:
-Remove the nasal bump (I believe this was achieved)
-Add more definition to the nasal tip in both the front and profile views (Not sure if this could have been done more)
-Subtle results (Definitely achieved)
I've posted before and after pictures
I was wondering...I was looking through pictures of Rhinoplasties and people have had amazing results. Looking at mine, I'm not sure they were as good as they could have been.
Do you think I got the most I could have out of my Rhinoplasty? If not, what more do you think could have been done? And most importantly, do you think there is a need for a Revision Rhinoplasty, filler, or some other revisionary procedure?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

(By the way, in case you are wondering, the total cost was so expensive because the anesthesia ended up costing $3,000, and I required an overnight hospital stay, which was $500. The actual cost of the Rhinoplasty itself [i.e., the Surgeon's fee] was $5,500.)

what doctor did your surgery ?
I personally think it looks great. You didn’t have a really bad nose from the beginning, so to make a change to it – couldn’t be that huge as other people could get.

Looking closely, you can definitely tell you had something done. But it is subtle. Which it sounds like you wanted. If you told your surgeon you wanted a subtle change, he or she probably tried to use a light hand...the most important thing is, what do YOU think? Are you happy with how your nose looks?

And thanks for posting photos! That's always really helpful.

If you'd post the name of your doctor, that would be great, too!

Name not provided

Kind, thoughtful, and experienced surgeon.

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