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Lisa from South Jersey, I'am so excited to get...

Lisa from South Jersey, I'am so excited to get my clear correct braces. I have needed braces all my life but my parents could not afford them. My younger sister had buck teeth with extream spacing and needed them more than I did. I'am now 23 years old and have decided to pay for them myself.I work in the medical field so traditional metal braces are not exactly what I had in mind.I did research online and found that with clear correct/ invisalign would suit my life style. I made an appointment with dentist for yearling check up and opinons on "clear" braces. Fourtnatly at the dentist office I go to they had clear correct braces system. The orthodontist is only there on Tuesday so I made an appointment for the following Tuesday. It was a free consult to see if I qualified for clear correct, because not everyone is eligbal for them. I met the orthodontist,and he decided my case was eleible for clear correct. I then made an appointment for molds the next week. I have waited for six weeks and they are finally in and Iam soooo excited and cant wait to see what kind of improvement my teeth are going to make. My teeth right now have a gap in between the two front teeth and I have a snaggle tooth on the right side. I cant wait to have nice straight teeth and hope clear correct can do that for me.I get the braces tomorrow and cant wait to get them. I will post pictures soon :)

So now is day two with clear correct and I have to...

So now is day two with clear correct and I have to admit my gums or very sore!! When I take out the retainers my teeth are very sensitive. This makes it harder to eat because o the soreness. I will admit the retainers are hardley noticable and look better than I expected. I can strees enough how important it is to keep a tooth brush around!!!
So Lisa in South Jersey, how is it going? It's been a while and since your last post. What did you do? Call the DDS or what? I'm waiting for my trays so I would appreciate it if you would let us know how things are going - especially for those of us who haven't gotten there yet! Thanks! DZ
Very sorry to hear about the experience you have had and wanted to let you know we do want to help you. Please contact your dentist and let them know what is going on. We are here and available to work with them to help get your treatment back on track.
Watch out you won't be happy, my teeth had about the same as you and after 20+ plates and $3,000 the company reneg on fixing my teeth
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