38 Years Old Breast Lift and Augmentation and Fluer De Le Tummy Tuck - New Jersey, NJ

13 days post op..Please help..These are not breast...

13 days post op..Please help..These are not breast..The implants are falling out the bottom!..I know I'm swollen but this looks horrible! My tummy is fine and looks good so far but I already had two different size breast before ..not I have implants in my stomach! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call the ps asap and talk to them. Good luck!!
I would discuss with your PS ASAP, to prevent anything from worsening even if it's nothing serious. Make sure to take it easy during your recovery as well to really heal to the best you can. Be patient during the healing process and handle any concerning issues with your doctor! Good luck!
Ok, I'm sorry I didn't read your information as close as I should have before responding. You're 13 days post op, had a TT & BA with a lift? Did u sign an agreement that said u would settle any legal action with the PS that performed your surgery? If so that's legally binding, have you gone back for a follow up appointment? I hope that you will be able to have your breasts fixed ASAP; what size of implants do u have? It looks like they are quite large, I'm not sure of your exact procedure. Did you post this in a question form so other board certified plastic surgeons could respond to your question? I'm so sorry that your implants are bottoming out & I can see what you mean, they are defiantly very low. I'm praying for you & your situation! I wish you th ed best of luck & hope that you can get your breasts taken care of right away!
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