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On August 31st I had Lipo on my upper and lower...

On August 31st I had Lipo on my upper and lower abs, back, hips, love handles, chin, inner and a bit of outer thigs. I was super duper scared the days before surgery being that I have never had any surgical procedures.

The day came and I tried to give my self a pep talk telling myself how this is what i had to do to get what i wanted and think of the final results blah blah i was still scared lol

Anyway I arrived around 11:00 am and wasnt scheduled till 12:30. I hung out with my fam in the waiting area browsing for images ofthe perfect butt on my phone so I can show my dr before going in exactly what I wanted... so I finally got called in to get prepped, met with my nurse, OR nurse and Anesthesiologist. then my Dr came and greeted me took pics and marked me, asked me if there was anything else i wanted removed so he can mark it thats when i decided on my outer thigs...

Went in O.R. I was so amazed with the lights and all the instruments, Dr and Anesthesiologist started to ask me questions and speaking to me and next thing I know Im getting wheeled out to recovery.

As I woke up the first thing I said was PLEASE turn me faced down my butt hurts hahahahahahahaha! it just felt really tight and swollen and like a stinging pain but nothing unbearable... Doctor then explained to the nurses I cant lay on my butt. so i was laying sideways and they gave me gingerale and crackers. I felt better than I expected, just a little groggy and afraid of what recovery would really be like.

car ride home sucked!!!! it was around 4:30 and there was major traffic ugh.....

finally at home reality sunk in there was blood on my garment and that made me queazy. I took my pain meds and laid in bed. my Dad made me a nice soup hubby got a few last min things i needed and my sis kept me company.

Recovery: the first 5 days kind of sucked. I drank lots of water, took my percocet religiously, ate pineapples, and took Arnica. I was constipaded :( on the 6th day I finally wnet. my baby sis helped me shower and was just amazing at taking care of me. the 8th day was one of my best days... i finally left the house ( only for my dr appt) had my stitches taken out. finally got into a diffrent garment that my other sister brought me from Colombia and wow that garment sure did the trick. it gave me amazing support and shape. it came with a foam board u put inside to help flatten ur tummy. from then on i have been feeling better and better. im super hapy:)

Today is my 2 week mark- I can finally Sit!!!!! YAY!!! i feel great and I cant wait for my follow up appt in 2 weeks... Ill keep u posted...


Hello everyone :)
Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since surgery. Im happy! Tonight I will have my first massage, lets see how that goes...

My ps is Dr. Lalla in W. Orange N.J. He is super nice and honest.

My garment came straight from Colombia. Im sure u can probably order online.
I have 850cc in each cheek...
My recovery has been great. I had a small issue with swelling on my legs and feet primarily my left foot but everything checked out fine...
I cant wait to see my results. Im still numb on my back and lower waist and on my thighs... I hope my lower pouch is just because im still swollen. I guess I just have to be patient after all is only week 3!
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hello everyone - i am scheduled for a brazilian butt augmentation with Dr Matlock. I cant find any reviews about him other than dr 90210. has anyone here used him or heard of someone who did?
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PinkSoul who was your doctor? I just started my research about 2wks ago. Most of the GOOD info I'm finding is from doctors located far from my area.
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3 weeks TODAY!!!! Im so excited that the...

3 weeks TODAY!!!!

Im so excited that the "worst" is over lol
I had my first Lymphatic massage yesterday and it felt sooo good... the lady who did my massage told me she couldnt believe i was only 3 weeks out, All my bruises r gone except for a tiny one on my outer thigh and I have almost not hardness on belly. I was only hard on my inner thighs and on my left under arma bra area. so i was so excited to be healing properly :):):)

She suggested not to eat red meats and to take my garment off to sleep so my body can have good circulation. (I was using my garment non stop) Im going to get a smaller garment since the one im using is kinda loose so i need a tighter one to help contour my shape more. Im gonna be doing one massage weekly till I feel most of the swelling and hardness dissapears.

I love to look at myself in the mirror lol and I have noticed I have lost 5 lbs since my surgery and Im certain a whole lot of inches I will post before and after measurements and see if I can take week 3 pics :)

Ill keep you all posted xoxoxo


Hey 6 foot beauty why do u want a reform. What are you not happy about.
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Hello, you look great!! I'm having my bbl done next month! I'm so excited, can you please tell me the brand name or designer of the garment? I can ask my sister in law to send it from Colombia.. Please thank you! :)
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I was initially just interested in Lipo, but Dr....

I was initially just interested in Lipo, but Dr. Lalla told me he offered BBL and he also mentioned doing extensive training with one of the top Doctors that did BBL in FL. I was excited for my transformation and loved my results. I was also happy I didn't have to travel far to have excellent results!


Hi PinkSoul, can you give us an update about how much u lost and if your butt went down any. thanks
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When I first started stalking RS you were one of the first reviews I saw and you inspired me to keep hunting and learning more about this whole Life congrads on your new body and you look awesome!!!!!!!
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You look great, your stomach is so flat. Are you still happy with your results? Did your butt go down at all since the surgery?
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Hi everyone, Next week it will be 1 year since...

Hi everyone,

Next week it will be 1 year since my procedure. I'm super duper happy with my results. To keep my body nice and firm I work out at least 4 times a week. I have lost 25 lbs total and yes my booty is still there :) wishing you all the best of luck in your journeys! It's totally worth it! do


I hope to heal fast like you did and be content with my results. im getting lipo to front and back midsection and inner thighs and a BBL. Im a bit nervous but hoping for the best.
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Hi do you lost 25 lbs after your surgery ?? That's great!! U have new pics with the weight loss
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Very nice job
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West Orange Plastic Surgeon

My Doctor has been amazing! Im really content. he is very caring and i also think he is very cool lol his office staff is very nice and always available to answer any concerns :)Updated on 10 Jan 2012:Dr. Lalla and staff are amazing! they are genuinely caring and patient. Dr. Lalla checked up on me after surgery to make sure I was doing ok and also provided me with reassurance on my recovery which made me feel great! Gina was also sweet and caring she returned all my calls and answered any concerns I had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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