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Hi there!... After 2 beautiful, healthy and active...

Hi there!... After 2 beautiful, healthy and active children (ages 5 & 7) I have decided to finally do something for myself!... I am 41 5'4" weigh 145lbs. At my highest weight at the end of my first pregnancy, I weighed 223lbs... UGH! Needless to say...my body has not looked the same ever since! I hate looking in the mirror without my clothes on- and when I do, I actually even recognize myself & what my body has become. I don't dress in front of my husband...lights are OFF during romantic times. Let's not speak ill of those girls (my best friend who is one) who pop out kids and wear their skinny jeans out of the hospital! LOL! I was not blessed with that DNA. After SEVERAL consultations, I have finally chosen the right Dr. Have to get blood work and go in for a 2nd consult. I'll keep you all updated!!!


That'd be great! It's always fun to visually track your progress.

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Ahhhh... I know!-soooooo nervous!!!! I'll post some pics in a few weeks so I will have a before and after for all to see!
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Good for you for doing your homework and going to multiple consultations. Early April will be here before you know it and you'll be rockin' a bikini bod by summer! :)

Thanks so much for sharing your story with us!

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I have decided to postpone my mommy makeover. Need...

I have decided to postpone my mommy makeover. Need to do more research & make an educated decision.


Aww you were so close...but you are very wise to do your research. I was a maniac about it and by the day I went in for surgery I wasn't one bit nervous...just excited! Hope to see you back here and if we can help just let us know.
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