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Worn out by Mommy-hood! - Niagara Falls, NY

Had a baby 10 months ago, and I look ten years...

Had a baby 10 months ago, and I look ten years older! Going to get restylane in lips and crows feet for sure. Extreme interested in getting it in the tear troughs, however when I called for the appointment the staff had no clue what I was talking about. I'm hoping dr perry is educated on this and will be able to do it, if not I'll have to look for someone else. Will add before and after pics


Can't wait to hear how it goes!  The tear trough area is tricky, so definitely see another doctor if this one doesn't have a lot of experience with it.  I'm surprised the office staff didn't know what you were talking about!
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I know, they literally said they had never heard of anything going under the eyes before. I have gone to dr perry before for just the lips and was happy with it, so I hope he just says, "oh yes, I do it all the time!" Cause my eyes make me look 80 lol
As the Community Manager I read every review about under eye injectables and what I've learned is that your injector's skill and experience specifically pertaining to the eye area seems to be the difference between great results and terrible results.  If I were you I wouldn't hesitate to "grill" your doctor about his experience and if you don't feel 100% comfortable with him doing it just get your lips done and find someone else to do you eyes.  Either way I hope you keep us posted on the whole thing!

Still horrible eyes but better lips...

Well dr perry said I would not be a good candidate for the tear troughs because I don't really have them... He suggested a lightening cream and I guess I just have to live with the wrinkles and bags :( he said Botox for the crows feet would be doable so I may go back and get that. BUT.. I did get the restylane in the lips and around the mouth! Used the whole bottle. Could have used more but didn't want to buy more for a tiny bit.

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After we were done pic


Hi bella0702 I am thinking of doing my lips in August. Is it very painful after numbing cream? I find that cream doesn't help when i get my nasolabial folds done. Any advice and updated pics? Thanks BellaBesos
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