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Has anyone been to dominican republic and gotten a...

Has anyone been to dominican republic and gotten a bbl after silicon injections??? I got sum last year with no complication but regret it so bad .. I want a bbl now is that possible? Duran said if everything is good shell do it. But thier is risk of infection ... Has anoyone done it? She qouted me 5,700 for bbl lipo bl n ag


I ment to put ba not ag
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Thannnk u!!!... Oppz i ment to put ba
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Yes superbooty310 has just kind of gotten her surgery done with yily after having butt injections. And she looks great and hasn't had any complications.
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what is ag?
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Thannnx boo
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Good luck with everything . I never had pmma shot or whatever kind of shots u have but I've heard of ppl getting fat injections to correct dents or lumps in there butts cause by the silicon aka silly con injections. If it (injections) didn't cause to much damange then a surg shouldnt have a problem pumping fat in your booty. If ur booty is hard from the "pmma" shots then it might b a difficult task for them but it will help add softness afterward. Blessing
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