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Well Im so excited about my TT and nervous at the...

Well Im so excited about my TT and nervous at the same time ,Im 47 yrs old will be turning 48 three days after my surgery, I had a hysterectomy three yrs ago and have some loose skin over top of my Vagina that I hate and very self concious about so Im really looking forward to seeing myself in a new light ,A little concerned about the pain and those drains, Any suggestions??

Just one, RELAX! You'll be just fine.Sure the drains are rough to deal with, but even they aren't unbearble. Truly I had very little pain,mostly just nausea from taking too many Tylenol on an empty stomach. Get some stool softeners and take one every time you take anything for pain, trust me you do not want to strain trying to have a b.m. You can also try "Smooth Moves" tea. A Contour sleep pillow system helps, or you can sleep in a recliner, too. Comfortable pull on pants are good, Oh, and a lanyard to hang around your neck and attach your drains to helps. Good luck!
Thanks , still cant understand why Im worried had a hysterectomy three years ago and that pain was crazy , But I got thru it no drains though.Hoping that the scar from that will be gone, Two extra bulges hanging is enough . Still somethings to do medically before my date so have time to get the fear out.
Ask for a pain pump!

Im counting down, nine more weeks to go just...

Im counting down, nine more weeks to go just trying to prepare my mind for whats to come excited to what i would look like with a flat belly.

Well its been a month since my consult. Is there any more questions I should be asking since I have Hypertention, Still working out to bring my weight down some more before my tt. Just a little anxsious.

Well ladies april 1st tomorrow and I now have...

Well ladies april 1st tomorrow and I now have eight more weeks before I see the flat side of this jelly belly, Still a little nervous was thinking about not doing it because of the pain , dont know if Im ready to deal with that again, I will stay on the site and continue to read the success stories and the before and after picture to encourage me , As well as looking at my daughter who went thru with hers March 7th and she seems to be doing well . Good luck to the up and coming tters and those who are still waiting .counting down!!
Hey hun, I keep telling u there is not much pain more soreness and tightness.. You told me to pray about it before getting mine done, and that's what I did and now I'm on the flat side and u see me everyday... So just stay encouraged love you!!
I'll be right there with you - scheduled for May 28th. But I'm having a full hysterectomy, bladder repair AND TT. I'm worried too!
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