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I had Fraxel done once in Doylestown, Pa and found...

I had Fraxel done once in Doylestown, Pa and found it quite painful. I was interested in the Erbium laser to try next.

I had a very bad experience with unprofessionalism, crossing boundaries, and rudeness with the provider I looked into. He is new to the area and thought I would see what he was about.

Please go with a Dr that is well established and in your area and has a reputation.


Hey Debra -- I don't know if you still check on here, but I almost went to yr doctor when I was in PA recently. Thank goodness I didn't! Just fyi I had erbium done on the lightest level about four years ago. THe results are great but didn't last even a year...,..I kind of think you can get the same thing with an at-home peel. I don't know about the higher levels though -- apparently those last longer and have better results. Depends on what you are seeking.
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Hi Debra,

Welcome to the Laser Resurfacing community. I'm not sure if I'm reading your review quickly, the first laser procedure you had did not work, and now you are looking into another, is that correct? You have a great point in your review about using a repeatable doctor. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Bruce Richmon

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