Zoom Whitening Not Worth Money/time/pain - Newton, MA

Only one shade whiter, at best. Needed to get...

Only one shade whiter, at best.

Needed to get whitening prior to shade-matching for new veneers next week. Zoom technician described options (in hindsight, I think she was encouraging doing the less expensive trays at home).

Did all four 15-minute cycles (some people stop earlier because of pain.)

Very disappointing results. And painful. Even now, hours later.

Writing this in hopes of sparing someone else the unnecessary expense.


Hi yoga,

Welcome to the Zoom community. Did it not work because you may need to go back and have more? Some community members have mentioned needing to have at home bleaching trays after. Do you have that? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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Zoom whitening does not work. Very little change from before to "after." And it does hurt with occasional zings of intense pain -- even afterward.

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