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Dr. Liu's office has been a very positive...

Dr. Liu's office has been a very positive experience. I met w/ Dr. Liu to have Juvederm filler below the eye to fill the hollowness, botox for the crows feet and Rosa for my fraxel restore to diminish under eye lines. Both of them are very informative, take their time, and up front with their honest feedback. The entire staff is pleasant and I've passed it onto them when in myself because its so nice to deal with personable assistants. Rosa has been wonderful about my laser treatment, all went well and the pain is bearable, its expected. No pain no gain:)

Hi Heather, 

Glad everything went so well. It would be awesome to know more info about the laser treatment specifically. Was there any downtime, how long did you peel. 

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Hi Britt,

The down time was a full week with only some light pinkness to follow that for another week/two but very minimal in that its easily hidden with makeup. I got it done on a Monday and it was back to normal texture with the peeling done on the 8th day, the following Monday. Because it is dry and peely during that week, I didn't put makeup on until my 6th day and only because I had to. I would have prefered holding off another 2 days. They did warn it could cause acne in that time (and I thought I may get away without it since I don't normally breakout) but I surely had acne. No doubt about it, hence why it also added to wanting the face free of makeup until it got back to norm. All in all, the week down time is expected and worth it. I do like my results and notice the texture of my skin to look smooth n supple. I do feel it is more recognizable even as the weeks have went on since it is meant to generate and boost new collagen. I am happy with it and would probably do another to increase the results as the building of them only improves the outcome. My main reason for doing it was for my under eye lines so in that regard, it didn't take them away fully but they've diminished some and could use a few treatments to be gone.
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