Had Evolence in my Face and Have Seen 4 Specialists to Try to Get Rid of the Hard Masses Under my Skin - Newport Beach

I am an RN and I attended an aesthetic school that...

I am an RN and I attended an aesthetic school that allowed us to practice on one another once we were educated on the technique of administering dermail fillers.

I had a horrible reaction to the product. My face swelled, first one side then the other. I have seen 4 specialists and visited the emergency room. I have been on steroids, antihistamines, and antibiotics because of this lousy product. Is Evolence still on the market? If not, when was it pulled? If it is on the market, why?

From comments recently posted, I am positive I am not the only person who has suffered from this product. Class action suit anyone?

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Guess that is why it is no longer available!
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They never go away on there own. Surgical removal is your only hope. I have been dealing with lumps and bumps for almost two years since my botched evolence injections. I've had two surgeries for the removal of the bumps under eye area with only a 60% improvement. My PS would not attempt to remove the one by my nose in fear it would leave deep scaring and it's very noticeable. See my thread for details.
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I did NOT have it done under my eyes. I probably phrased it incorrectly.
Mine injections were the "puppet lines" and I got lumps and they did go away in 3 mos. My dermotologist was surprised at the reaction.
When I went to my plastic surgeon, I asked him about Evolence and he said, "It's too thick to put under the eyes".....
I do not see this product offered on any of the numerous ads in my area for injectables. I'll ask my dr. when I see him again.
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I had exactly the same reaction like you with another product restylane sub q. Swelling first on one side, then switched over to the other. Have you get rid of the hard masses under your skin?
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Hi Huntington Beach,

Sorry to hear what you are going through. Other community members have posted the question in our expert Q&A about lumps forming here's the link, hopefully there is some helpful information. Please keep me updated as to how everything is going, and thank you for being part of the Evolence community.


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It got pulled about a year ago.
They put in a huge campaign and the doctor's were tooting it as "the best".....then they sold it to another company, and I think it is not being offered by anyone.
J&J said that it "wasn't selling as expected"....since when does a filler in this day & age not get a following?
I believe there were too many reactions, quite frankly, I had one and they were using it under the eyes and it caused some real problems.
All I know is, it only lasted 3 mos. and I was well rid of it.
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