Bye Bye Fanny-Pack! TT November 9th! Excited and Freaked! - Newport Beach, CA

Hi RealSelf Sisters, I lost almost 80lb a few...

Hi RealSelf Sisters, I lost almost 80lb a few years ago and still catch my reflection in a window and am surprised it’s me. I’m now 5’6” and 140lbs with a huge “fanny-pack” of squishy skin on my waist. At first I thought I was just happy to be healthy and a size 4 but that fanny-pack really weighs me down (physically and emotionally). You all know, that big ol’ bulge in the front bouncing when I run and falling on my boobs when I’m upside down in yoga. I’m so ready!! As excited as I am to have my new figure and to be able to do inversions without being choked to death, I also have ominous feelings of doom. That I may not wakeup. :( I have a 4y/o son that I adore and would never want him to be without me. I guess we all just pick the safest surgeon we can find and take the leap. Hubby is so supportive and reassuring-couldn't do this without him. Will post pics soon. (You'd NEVER believe my belly belongs to a size 4 chick.)

Anyone out there have their TT under twilight...

Anyone out there have their TT under twilight anesthesia??

Going to preop today and very excited! I feel like...

Going to preop today and very excited! I feel like I have to ask all the questions all over again. Got most of my supplies. Still debating on the toilet riser.
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I met with 5 surgeons and ended up with a very reputable older guy in Newport Beach. He’s mostly know for faces but his sewing/surgery skills are impeccable. I also chose him because, for 20+ years, he has been doing almost all of his surgeries using “twilight” anesthesia without complication. Not thrilled about him being an hour away but It sure helps that Fashion Island is next door. (Who am I kidding!)

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Did you go through with surgery? How about the twiglight?!
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I have included a link to some information on Twilight Anesthesia.

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Thank you for the link. I was hoping to find some personal experiences out there. My surgeon and his anesthesiologist have been doing it this way for decades. There must be others. Am I posting in the right place?
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Why don't you post a discussion in the tummy tuck forum.  Here is a Link To Get You Started.   

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Anyone else have their TT under twilight anesthesia?
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