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I went to Dr. Elam recently per the recommendation...

I went to Dr. Elam recently per the recommendation of a family member. I wanted to get my lips done with Juvaderm (for the first time) and botox or my forehead, which was not my first time.

The staff was friendly and accommodating and the wait time was minimal. Dr. Elam's bedside manner was so welcoming and professional and he did not make me feel like a fool for having asymmetry in my brow area from my previous botox procedure. He also did a markup from rhinoplasty which I intend on doing in the future which BTW looked amazing.

After letting my forehead and lips numb for a good 20 minutes the surgical tech took me into the procedure room where Dr. Elam proceeded to do the botox injections in my forehead - its only a minor sting. The lips on the other hand are not pleasant but what do you expect... it is a needle being stuck into your lips! After the first few sticks though the lips start to numb up since the Juvaderm has lidocaine inside.

Thanks Dr. Elam! Looks pretty amazing.


Glad to hear everything turned out so well! Had you used numbing cream when you had injectables before, or was this the first time with that?

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Hi Megan, will try to post pics I am not shy. This is my first time with Juvaderm and my lips period. I have only had Botox before without numbing. Botox is really a piece of cake for the forehead that is!

Oh yay, looking forward to seeing your pics! :)

I agree with you, Botox is easy peasy as far as discomfort from the injections go.

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