Juvaderm in Lips and "Laugh Lines" - Newport Beach, CA

I go in tomorrow to get 1 injection- i am a little...

I go in tomorrow to get 1 injection- i am a little nervous. Hope that I don't bruise and hope that it doesn't hurt! I have a very low pain tolerance! I am getting married in september and am a lil nervous and hesitant do get juvaderm- I have heard really good things- just don't want anything bad to happen or have an allergic reaction. Also will find out what is wrong with my left implant.


Day 3 - still a little bruised

Third day since injection- I am thinking I need to go back and get more. After the swelling has gone down - my lips aren't as plum
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Hello Roxy! I went to doctor Taneja. He is my plastic surgeon. He is amazing!!
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Where did u get them done? I'm in Newport beach too and have been looking for a place to go
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Went well! very happy with results. have a lot of bruising on my left upper lip. Having to ice and massage lips. they look good. :) it did hurt!
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So how did it go? I'm guessing you are pretty swollen right now, but was the discomfort manageable?

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