Experience Some Brownish Reddish Color After Treatment of Co2 - Newport Beach, CA

Hello everyone just trying to see if I can get...

Hello everyone just trying to see if I can get some feed back on my co2 laser treatment... Iv had co2 done two and a half weeks ago I went through where I was bright red to brown than to peeling which I hear it normal but after I was told to start the bleaching cream again after the 7th day noticed it made my face turn red so I was told to minimize the amount. But its been two and a half weeks and my face looks kinda blotchy but minus my forehead my forehead came out good but its just my temples and my cheeks that are still redish and brownish. I'm. Worried tht it will stay like this. Oh also I'm latina and medium skin tone (light olive) please can anyway tell me what might happen or will happen?..

Continueing with my topic I want to add tht I...

Continueing with my topic I want to add tht I called the place where I had this done and they said it will go away and ill be fine.. honestly I'm doubting there response.. aftr seeing review on here I'm starting to feel bad and depressed that maybe my face will saty this color. It was a very bad choice I've made :(

Unfortunately, it is a waiting game.  If you trust them, then follow their strict instructions.  If not, get a second opinion.  I do believe you are still healing so it is possible.  Depending on your location, I would not consider resurfacing my skin in the summer.  I made that mistake.  Although I applied sunscreen, my skin was way too compromised for any amount of sun. 

Think positive thoughts and get plenty of rest.


Welcome to RealSelf.  Thank you for sharing your review with us.  I am very sorry for what you have gone through and hope this settles down for you.  How frustrating:(

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Well this place sounded good and all and very friendly customer service but they don't explain verymuch of what to expect after the procedure...

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