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Dr. Elam, and his staff are WONDERFUL; I was a...

Dr. Elam, and his staff are WONDERFUL; I was a little intimidated when I first came in because the office was so posh and the staff so gorgeous. However, they couldn't have been nicer. Dr. is an angel and Jody especially rocks!

I got a lower bleph for some eye bags as well as a brow lift. Now the brow lift part was a bit unsettling because of the clips and hardware all over my forehead. It was just weird, and a little uncomfortable (especially since I had never had any kind of cosmetic surgery before). However, Dr. Elam checked up on me every step of the way, and aside from a little initial sensitivity to the anesthesia, I had no complications.
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Is the 1st picture before and the 2nd picture after surgery? Your before surgery didn't look bad at all. I just saw a life on your eyelids in the second picture. However, I do not see a change in your brows. Looks the same with the before picture. Either picture you look great.
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Hi guys, if you click on the pics you better a better idea of the before and after. I am very happy with the lower bleph, but I do not see a lot of difference in my brow - I guess I expected to see some change in my brow/upper lids since the procedure was so extensive (at least it was for me!); the gal at the surgeon's office said that the brow lift is a procedure that will behoove me in the future. I would go back to Dr. Elam if I get anything else done.
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How is everything going now?  Any updates?

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How are you making out since your brow lift? Im so curious, there are not many reviews of brow lifts and I will be going thru this in October. Thank you for sharing, it means so much to those that haven't crossed over yet :)
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