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This is day 2 after the procedure I went to...

This is day 2 after the procedure I went to Pacific Cosmetic Medical Center. I arrived an hour before my procedure and the numbing cream was applied liberally once removed they began the laser I was told it would be minimally painful it was excruciating and I could smell my flesh burning. I started crying and convulsing I had to ask her to stop for breaks and eventually I was unable to continue I asked for an injection for pain and told them it was too painful I could not stop shaking and crying from the pain. It felt like burning needles were being injected into my face and stuck there for ten to twelve seconds then removed. I felt everything. Halfway through the doctor gave me injections inside my mouth to help with pain that caused my face to swell up and helped numb me out it was still VERY painful. More painful than the Levulan with blue light that I did before. He said I was the first patient ever to need injections or to complain of pain. The doctor did not do the procedure a young woman did I'm not sure of her qualifications. I'm assuming she was a nurse. The pain lessened over the course of the day and has gotten less and less since the procedure not my experience with the Levulan with blue light treatment that I got before. It's not very red or very patchy or swollen and he told me to expect about a 30% improvement so I'm assuming this was a superficial laser procedure which is why I'm confused as to why it was so excuciatingly unbearably painful. (I do have EXTREMELY sensitive skin) I turn bright red if I touch my face I get a beard rash if I kiss a man with stubble and it hurts my face. So yes I have extremely sensitive skin.
Dr. Faraz Valaie

Off of $2,250 discount cost $189.00. I bought the procedure on Groupon something I have become a little weary of after a botched tattoo experience. However the doctor is licensed and he was very honest with me about the procedure he let me extend the groupon time because I'm a college athlete and I couldn't do it during on season. He offered to give me a full refund if I wanted to do another procedure because he recommended a different form of laser but I opted for this one because I'm a starving student and it's in my price range and any improvement is worth it to me. I figure if I can improve my skin little by little great. He is a very kind compassionate man and I can see that his true passion is helping people with disfigurement (burn victims, children with cleft lips etc).

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I will say I got about a 15-20 percent improvement in my deep scars.
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It's been 9 months and any improvements I gained were lost as though I never had the procedure. I got really bad huge pussy pimples with in four days and they did not go away until the end of June after I went to a dermatologist and started using Duoc in addition to retin a I stopped moisturizing and just put on sunscreen all the time and it was in April I first had it done now in December my face is very oily and so is my hair my oily than ever she tech treated my hairline I'm also having break outs on my scalp which never happened before. I would not recommend this treatment unless you do not go to the beach, or pool or exercise outdoors or drive any where with out a dark illegal tint. It did more harm than good as far as I'm concerned, I spent a fair amount of time at the beach but I always wore sunscreen ever 1-3 hours I reapplied. My best guess is that the sun damage brought me back to my pretreatment skin.
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Oh wow, that sounds like a sort of awful experience.  How are you doing now?

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I'm much better now. Right after I had it done I got an MRSA infection in my skin from a recurrent one I have struggled with for years. I had a small stye below my eyelid when I did it. I told the doctor it was MRSA he said no no it's pimples... Well they kept multiplying all over my face fellow puss filled excruciating staph pustules. I asked him over and over for a prescription saying I was sure it was staph. I went to the ER on a Saturday night and 100 bucks later I had a MRSA diagnosis and a prescription for strong antibiotics. I have to say he wanted to put me on keflex before the procedure but I'm allergic to that kind of medicines ceclors. So I asked for something else the keflex was 500 Mg he put me on 250 mg of erythromycin, a total joke as far as an antibiotic dose. Any way the pustules started the day before my prescription ran out. So yeah it was a very traumatic experience. So far the results are good about a 30 percent improvement. I am having a small amount of acne on my chin though which I didn't have any before the procedure. I will post a YouTube video with photos and interviews once it's been two months to show my full results and talk about it.
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It sounds like you were vocal but the doctor didn't listen. I'm sorry you had such an awful experience. Yours is an excellent and cautionary tale of the importance of having a complete conversation with your physician: if your doctor sloughs off your concerns, it's time to get dressed and leave the appointment. I've had the laser treatment you described and while I wouldn't say it wasn't painful, it didn't affect me the way it affected you. The numbing cream took the edge off but it still hurt. I had it done a few years ago w/ excellent results and I'm going back in the morning (how's that for timing?!) for another blast...I didn't stay out of the sun the way I should have! Best wishes on your healing and I hope that in spite of such a terrible experience, your results are exactly what you hoped for!
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