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BACKGROUND: I am 32 years old, 5'6", 127 lbs,...

I am 32 years old, 5'6", 127 lbs, approx 15-17% body fat (or at least I was before surgery and no exercise for weeks! haha)

I am a serious combat/ MMA athlete and for this reason was very concerned about recovery process and time. I train 25+ hours per week and often wrestle with 200 lb men. I couldn't find many blogs of info for women like me and their process of healing, so I am hoping this blog can help someone with similar concerns!

I had larger (32DD to 32D) breasts when I was younger, but the older I got the more I became involved in athletics and they shrank to 34Bs or smaller. Thus, the sag had gotten pretty bad. I didn't want huge boobs but I did want them to be perky and a medium sized C I thought would fit my frame. So I did the following:

Anchor lift
304cc moderate profile implant
subpectoral (under muscle)

I chose this for maximal lift with a bit of added volume and most natural appearance.

At first I was concerned about scars, but the surgeon's assistant showed me her scars (she is fair skinned like me) and THEY WERE ALMOST NON-EXISTENT! She was 2 years out, but knowing they would get to the point of being tiny itty bitty white lines totally convinced me to got the anchor lift route and really make 'em perky as possible! Apparently this Doc has some excellent stategies for minimizing the scars....more on that later.

DAY 1 : Doctor Cruise and staff had amazing bedside manner. Also they do not use any gas anesthesia, only IV so I had no nausea AT ALL. I actually had a cupcake and chicken breast within a couple hours of waking up.

So happy to have had a recliner chair to use as my post-op bed. It made it very easy to sleep at a 45 degree angle as recommended. Just used some towels and pillows to prevent moving too much and to stay cozy. Drank tons of water even though it meant lots of annoying trips to bathroom. Sitting back in chair and on toilet were not a issue for me - strong legs meant no need for upper body bracing. So if you have time before surgery spend a few months doing squats as I can imagine not being able to lower myself without upper body bracing would be painful and constant annoyance - my arms are pretty useless right now.

Pain is only in my pectoral muscles and with vicaden is very manageable so far. The most annoying part so far has been that I hunched because standing up straight stretches the sore pecs. This has been making my upper back sore. Still not to terrible though.

Updated on 9 Jun 2012:
DAY 4:
I am standing up straighter, don't need vicaden anymore (though I take one at night to make falling asleep easier still). Feeling very antsy about laying around but definitely not ready to return to normal tasks. The swelling is down a tiny tiny bit. They are still ultra high with nipples pointed to the ground for now but I am told this is normal. I can't wait for them to drop to a nice teardrop shape with nipples pointed slightly up!!

I guess the transition to them looking beautiful feels slow but it is only day 4 so I realize I need to be patient. I'm taking my first shower today which should be nice because sponge baths are starting to not be refreshing enough after four days! I was nervous about getting water on the tape over the stitches but the doc and nurses promised the tape would not come here I go.

Updated on 12 Jun 2012:
DAY 7: Drs appt. He said everything looked great (I disagree but I know that he means "great for 1week post op" - so that is reassuring. The most valuable thing I got out of the visit was that it is ok to relax my shoulders and back. I had been walking hunched over and with my shoulders up a bit because I was scared of the pressure on the stitches - felt like they were exploding when I relaxed my shoulders. Now that I've stopped hunching I am getting more and more comfortable. The swelling is down a bit but I'm still anxious for them to look more natural and less like round bolted on torpedoes.

Updated on 28 Jun 2012:
WEEK 2: Every day is a bit better. Still abit hunched despite best efforts to relax. Feels like there are bowling balls under my pecs...tylenol is my friend as are the static squeeze "massages" my doc has me doing every 2 hours.

Updated on 28 Jun 2012:
WEEK 3: Light at the end of the tunnel! I am certainly not back to normal - still cant quite lift arms completely above my head, and light exercise (walking) makes me tired and feel swollen and frustrated - but I am seeing progress and the implants have started to drop ever so slightly from my collar bone and appear to be heading to wear they belong a tiny bit.

It was feeling like I would never be normal again / able to do day to day things, but now I feel more optimistic. The constant heavy feeling that made walking uncomfortable / my pecs feel like they were ripping out is subsiding to some extent. I am officially not hunched over anymore and I can raise my arms high enough to shave my armpits! Success! (Ill take what I can get haha)

WEEK 4: A bit of a regression. I think I got...

A bit of a regression. I think I got cocky about feeling better and over did it. Stayed out too late had a couple drinks and did not rest enough. Woke up feeling like I did a week ago...
After resting and eating well though I am much better and feeling like I am progressing again.

PAIN: The sudden shooting pains through my nipples and constant swollen itchy hurting that was going on on my side below one armpit has faded to rare and mild occurrences. I still do not have full range of motion and stretching (like an arms up morning stretch) feels scary and like it is pulling on the stitches along the underside of my new boobies.

EXERCISE: I have started walking 30-45 minutes every couple days. Definitely do not feel I would be comfortable running and cannot lift weights yet. I do weightless squats but cannot keep great form for the same reason I avoid morning stretching.

Ive changed my tape twice myself now. The first time was a bit terrifying - pulling on the tape that is over the incision lines. I know that they should be totally closed by now (and they basically are - certainly not going to open when I pull on the tape), but its still a little upsetting. I do like to see the scar progress though. They seem to be coming along nicely. One side is so thin and tiny already, the other is still minimal but more obvious. The under anchor part of the incision is the ugliest, but even that is not too bad and improving steadily.

PAIN: I have way less pain. The feeling that bowling balls have been jammed under my pectoral muscles and heated with a torch has subsided, lol. So that is nice. I can walk without unconsciously hunching a little to hold them extra still because the slight bounce is not so painful. My nipples have started to feel constantly chaffed even though they are not. They feel like they are being chaffed when I am naked. I know this is good because it means nerve sensation is returning, but I hope this phase is over soon...

EXERCISE: Way behind what I expected to be at this point, but perhaps I was too optimistic. I definitely cannot train any MMA or anything even close. Walking fast and lifting very very light weight (lower body only) is ALL I can manage right now. Disappointed and frustrated that I cannot train or condition, but trying really hard to be patient and enjoy the fact that I can take off my bra and my nipples still point straight ahead!

AESTHETICS: They have started to drop a bit, one more than the other. I measure by how many fingers between my collar bone and the bulge that I am hoping will disappear from the upper pole (hoping to achieve a nice teardrop look when they have dropped fully). From the front I am starting to love them - which is awesome because I have disliked them for my entire life pretty much. From the side I still feel like they are in torpedo mode, but I know that is temporary. Cocoa butter goes on twice a day and so far no stretch marks - aside from the faded ones I acquired during puberty. :)
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I know this is a long, long recovery, but it sounds like your body is healing well. We'd love to see photos if you feel comfortable sharing them.

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