20 YRS Old, 5'0" 110 Lbs. 32 A/B - Long Beach CA

I went to my first consultation on friday. I spoke...

i went to my first consultation on friday. I spoke with the doctor and he told me that i should do a 300cc in my left and 325 cc in my right boob and that he will use Mentor and do high profile. Im kind of nervous that the 300 cc will be too small as i go through some of the other girls on here and check to see what i may look like. i really want my boobs to look perky and big (not huge) with out a bra and with out a push up bra. I LOVE Jenah Yamamotos boobs. i think they look great and pretty close to what im looking for i just dont know what size to go. im nervous to pick a size that fits me. any suggestions?


Does anyone know anywhere that will finance me or give me credit ? I applied for care credit but they approved only 2,000. And 7,000 is my limit for a BA. Any advice ? I am able to pay off credit cards and stuff, I make more than enough and I do have good credit

More wish boobs

i found a few more picture that i fell in love with!!! Jenah Yamamoto, Sabrina Nellie, and Bilyalova Svetlana are the 3 girls i think have the best boobs!
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