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Hello everyone! Its about time i post on here...

Hello everyone! Its about time i post on here after stalking the threads for a few months prior. But i have finally done it - set my surgery date! I am very excited and also nervous. I have a few questions so let me post my concerns/questions/brief history below in hopes anyone who answers can touch on anything i have said!

Firstly, I have not read or heard much about Dr.Bandy, her staff is AMAZING so attentive and really friendly. (i must have sent at least 10 emails a day). But I have not read much about her, anyone get a butt lift from her? I had large volume liposuction about a year ago ( I LOVE THE RESULTS ) I had it with Dr. Younai and he did and amazing job. However with my butt lift i am getting lipo again and mostly just to correct the shape I want and remove the fat that is left over.

Has anyone had any issues with having lipo in a place there was already lipo? I am looking for anyones helpful tips (things i should buy to help my recovery, meds i should take before hand and after). Pretty much anything that could possibly help me. I was hoping to lose weight before I got my surgery, because i know even with lipo I wont be where I want afterwards. But i am concerned about working out after i get my new booty. Meaning if i start losing weight down the road, will it cause me booty problems? Anyone have any suggestions?

I am flying to California on the 3rd, have my pre-op on the 4th and surgery on the 9th. I am in California until the 23rd when i fly home. Should i take more time off after that? I luckily have no problem getting the time off, so I'm just wondering will resting more help my recovery/results? Or is two weeks enough? Thanks in advance!

I will post them in the next week - but I am not super thrilled with results. I know the first few months it was super full, but like i was warned with fat injections sometimes your body can absorb it - and mine did! I look like I have cellulite now and I didn't have that look before!! I actually have started glute training workouts to get the butt I wanted. I wish i looked more into other options other than getting the surgery, it was a large sum of money for something that is 'okay' at best.
Oh, geez I am sorry to hear that. I hope that you do submit photos and speak out. I think that too many times the only things posted on here are the extreme great cases and I hope we all work on keeping this real...good, bad, or otherwise. Best wishes to you. Thank you again for replying.
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