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Hey, I suffer from 2 keloid scars which I'm hoping...

Hey, I suffer from 2 keloid scars which I'm hoping to get some advice for. I had a microdermal piercing in my chest for a few months before a keloid developed, after getting the jewellery removed the site had a minor infection which left a keloid scar. Its small but obvious in the middle of my chest. The jewellery parlour recommend aspirin rub, bio oil, tea tree oil and although its all still in progress there has been no improvement for such a small scar its stubborn!
The 2nd keloid formed after I fell onto a glass bottle at a gig. The wound was very deep and near the knee so stiches didnt hold well. After 2 appts with a nurse I was prescribed antibiotics as they presumed an infection was likely as the wound had not healed at all after a week. Now I have a pretty much flat scar ive been told is also a keloid. Anyone got recommendations that have worked for them?


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Here is a link to some great Q&A's from our doctors on the subject of What is the Best Keloid Treatment?  You will find some great information here.

On a personal note I found that firm circular massage using Bio oil always helped flatten and fade my scars.  Have you tried that oil?

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bio oil and silicone sheets

I've been using bio oil for 6 months now with no improvement. I'm now trying silicone sheets out for the small scar on my sheets, its only been 3 weeks so I have nothing to report yet. Going to see a dermatologist in the next year about other possible scar treatments.


I'm from the UK and keloid/scar treatment is not available through my GP as it is NHS. I'm not really sure how I would be able to get a prescription for this, obviously I am willing to pay but I don't have private health care.
Try Kelo Cote
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Thanks will do, im planning on trying reme scar also
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