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I've just turned 21 and decided to do something...

I've just turned 21 and decided to do something about the nose which I've hated for quite a few years. I'm having a closed Rhinoplasty and seem to be getting quite a bit done to my nose. The surgeon is going to shave down the bridge, bring the bones in (I think it's called osteotomies?), raise the tip, cut the Depressor Septi muscle and cut something from inside my nostrils to make it look slimmer.

I will get some pictures up soon

Thanks for starting your story! Like tracyfitz said, make sure you communicate really well with your doctor about what you do and don't want your nose to look like. You want to make sure you're on the same page.

Looking forward to seeing your pics and reading your updates. :)

sounds like he has explained things well, which is extremely important. BUT your communication to him he has to be very clear too! ask him what do all those things mean,what is the result going to be? Tell him you want him to VERY CONSERVATIVE! If he is overly aggressive, you'll be in my boat, paying someone else a huge amount of money to fix! see dozens and dozens of his before and after photos, finding noses just like yours, see those results
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