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Before You Get Braces As an Adult Read This - Newburgh, NY

I'm 56 and my bottom teeth were very crooked...

I'm 56 and my bottom teeth were very crooked and I'm cavity prone. The stinging comment is listening to the technicians tell me this was just a three year cosmetic exercise. I feel injured and conned.

The problem with aging with bad teeth is the back teeth are worn down and all those crowns are grounded down by the dentist to work with the ground down teeth. Fixing the aging bite really requires more expertise than this industry can reliably produce. Of course they aren't going to tell you that up front.

I had 4 teeth pulled and a bridge split to accommodate braces for 3 years. The gaps are still not closed. I think the main reason is the braces were never tighten. The first month my teeth were tightened my the orthodontist, after that the technicians handled everything. They would say, you teeth are going to hurt for a couple days. But they never did.

Now I have a difficult time getting food out of the gaps in my back teeth whenever I eat. Its embarrassing and annoying. I feel like this whole thing is a scam of dentists networking and recommending each other, while delegating a huge practice to underpaid technicians who cannot manage adult teeth.

My bottom teeth are less crooked but, they are still not straight. My teeth are chipped because my bite is not correct, and eating is more difficult. I don't think this orthodontist or the technicians who did the work ever thought it would be corrected.


abcdef and brandimarie, I could not agree with you more! I think any adult over age 45 (or even younger, like brandimarie) is pretty much a guinea pig for the orthodontic industry. They just do not have enough experience with putting braces in adults to go around claiming that anyone can get them. I had a horrible experience with my braces, also, and I got them at age 50. I had never had them before, and wasn't even remotely prepared for what to expect. They made it sound like it would be a walk in the park. Well, it wasn't. Not only was I treated like an adolescent, because that is what they are way used to dealing with, but I totally shocked at how much impact they had on my life from eating to sleeping. At one point, I even had to stop wearing the rubber bands at night because I would wake up choking! They really do not have enough experience to be putting these things in adults. As you get older, you have all sorts of other medical issues, such as high blood pressure, etc. There is no way the industry knows how braces will effect someone with these, or even any other minor, type of medical issues. Just say "NO"!
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With that much time and money spent not having a great bite would be extremely disappointing.

Where the implants part of the original treatment plan presented to you when you started or something that was added later in treatment?

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I completely agree with you about doing this when you get older.
Its been a horror story for me as well .
One that just keeps getting worse & worse!
I was 36yrs old when I started.
I just got them off ( by my request) last week.
I am 42 yrs old now.
No one monitored my teeth during treatment.
No one listened to my complaints ( I was told it was normal ailments).
$10000s of dollar later and yrs of feeling like a freak, I'm left with decayed teeth under the bands and root asorption.
2 molars extracted that are left with just gaps, but they tell me I can have an implant made at my expense ( & no these were both healthy teeth!)
And I too can barely eat because of gaps and bad bite.
Sooooo dont do it!
At least before I could eat a piece of chicken to the bone, now I have to cut it up in little pieces and still nearly strangle!

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This doctor does not give a reasonable explanation of his services or who will be preforming the service. The technicians mocked me when I asked how to take care of my teeth and told me they refuse to work on anyone who had dirty teeth. That was after I had paid $3k and felt trapped.

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