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Omgi just had my eyebrow done yesterday and i cant...

Omgi just had my eyebrow done yesterday and i cant stop crying today they are soooooooooo thick and fake looking i dont know what to do the tech who did them was not on the same page as me!! :-( my husband said they look good but i know is to make me feel better. i feel like i look like cookie monster boooooohoooooo nahhhhhhhh! Help how can i fix without laser?

They will fade and decrease in width over the next few weeks.

Oh no. :( Well at least your husband is being supportive of you. Have you seen this forum?

What can I do to fade my permanent makeup eyebrow tattoo?

It might be helpful to read through and hear what others have done.

Did the artist say that the brows might lighten up in the coming days?

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I knew him for 10 years . i dont know what happened to him!!!!! He did my eyebrows before all i wanted was a touch up!

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