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I am on the morning of day 3 post intra oral chin...

I am on the morning of day 3 post intra oral chin implant surgery and septo rhinoplasty. I am still very sore and swollen, no bruising though. I am keeping up regular pain medication and on a soft diet. Day 1 was actually very comfortable and day 2 the pain really set in, I am hoping it will start to subside today. I am wearing a face brace to keep the implant in place and sleeping upright with my head elevated. My lip is the worst part as its very sore and numb feeling, like pins and needles. I think it's tender from the clamps they probable used in surgery. One part of my lip is starting to get sensation back but the other side has not. Ice cream seems to be the best thing to ease the pain!

I'm excited to start seeing the swelling go down as I've wanted this procedure done since I was 18, I'm now 36. I had a large nose and although this is my 3 rd rhinoplasty I can't go any smaller with my nose without it looking i proportional to my face so my next option was to have chin augmentation.

I will keep posting every few days throughout my recovery, fingers crossed the pain eases a bit today!

I had a large chin implant and had some real swelling. I looked like a chipmunk! The swelling was almost completely gone by one week. I am still having numbness and tingling in my lips and chin three weeks post op. My chin area feels very tight but everything seems to get better a little every day.

Congrats on getting the procedure done that you have been wanting for so long!! Has a noticeable amount of swelling gone down over the last several days? How are you feeling??

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