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I'm here, and it's time to share my journey....

I'm here, and it's time to share my journey. Reading everyone else's reviews have been so crucial in making this decision and keeping my sanity and I look forward to returning the favour.

I am 23, 24 by the time I have the surgery, and a size 34DD (on a good day). The deal-breaker is that I am 5 feet tall and 123lb, so I am almost all boob and people like to point it out.

Since making the decision to have surgery I have become more aware of passing comments, but less sensitive to them. For example, if I were obese then no one would feel the need to tell me- so why is it everyone's right to make a comment about my breast size?! I am now more open to telling people how their comments make me feel as I know I'll only have to put up with them for a few more months. Light at the end of the tunnel!

It would be fine if I was just "big" - and in fact, after surgery, I wouldn't mind if they were still "big" which for my frame would take me to a C cup I think. I would be perfectly happy. I just don't like when people use the term 'gigantic' or 'massive' to describe me, or my personal favourite 'huge rack' (that was just last weekend, from one of my good friends' husband).

I digress... A bit more about me, I guess. I was a late bloomer. Going into college (age 12-13) I was still flat chested and teased about it. Oh, what I wouldn't give to go back to that. I was also slim and undeveloped in other physical ways as any pre-teen girl is. I have attached a picture(s) of me from age 14 onwards to show how over a period of 3 years I went from being a chubby teen with a regular sized bust to a late teen with more than I knew how to cope with.

I was always in denial about my size so I cannot say for sure how big I was. I hit a new low in my last year of high school, age 17, with probably E+ breasts and the dress sense to show them off... not ideal. I grew into them a bit after that, learned to dress around them, and my weight and relationship with my breasts both fluctuated regularly.

Like most people on here, I imagine, I never really realised how BIG I was until I saw it in photos. And I think I will have that realisation again when they're gone and I look back. Certain photos made me cringe, and my mum (who is also big but not massive) could see it in my every day life. I had terrible posture, despite doing ballet and other dance for 10+ years, and was always trying to hide them even if I had to make myself look fatter in the process.

Through 3 years of university they didn't both me too much, I don't re-call any incidents where I was terribly upset because of them but shopping was (and still is) a disheartening experience. I definitely got a lot of attention because of them, and the clothes I chose to wear, but as a young single woman it didn't bother me.

After university I started working at a health insurance company. I noticed how many people were having a reduction and claiming it through insurance and I grew green with envy that these woman had the money and determination to go through with it. I need to add now, the NZ government used to fund breast reductions commonly but the funding got cut and now it can be a 5-10 year wait and the criteria is stricter. Insurance companies will often subsidise but not pay the full amount. Mine is likely to be NZ$9500 but they can be up to NZ$16000.

By this stage in my life my weight has fluctuated even more. From 110lb with a 32DD bust to 145lb with a 36F bust. My poor body couldn't keep up and neither could my mind. I wasn't looking after myself and it was taking its toll on my poor boobies.

It wasn't until this year that I considered a reduction as a viable option for me. Again, I don't remember one specific moment but I can tell you that it has been VERY quick for me. It's only March now and I have my consult with my PS at the end of May which suits me fine because I can't have the surgery until after June due to health insurance requirements. I have had numerous discussions with my partner, one particularly supportive friend and my mum and worked out my finances but no matter what I had the drive and determination to DO THIS THING!

More about my partner's reaction. I think I threw it on him a bit fast, not realising that even though it had been going through my mind half-heartedly for years now and more seriously for a few weeks. His reaction upset me, and we argued, but after 3-4 weeks we resolved any issues there may have been. I wrongly assumed that he was concerned about the financial aspect but actually he was concerned that I wanted it because he didn't make me feel beautiful enough! Of course he didn't tell me that, it wasn't until I read some reviews on here and thought to tell him "Hey, it's not you, it's me" that he warmed up to the idea. His mum has had it done and I think I put 2+2 together and got 7 and wrongly assumed that he understood the physical and mental aspects of the procedure.

I don't think he ever really understood why his mum did it, but what male would? I explained to him how miserable I was, explained that the constant back pain I have will be gone (or minimised) and explained how much more confident I would be. Long story short, we're all go!

A bit more about me, physically. I have a desk job, so I sit down all day. I have terrible posture and constant knots in my upper back and shoulders. I exercise 5 times a week and have done for the last 2 years since I decided to take my body back and from this I get pain in my thoracic (middle) spine. I am a healthy weight for my height, my BMI is 24 thought I would like to be smaller but that is one thing I will work on changing myself (having already lost and kept off 22lb in the last 2 years. I take pride in my appearance, do my hair and makeup every day and love to dress up in dresses and heels.

Which takes me back to my shopping experiences..

Can I please add right now that if you are still reading, you are doing very well! I didn't realise how much information was going to pour out of my fingertips!

Since losing 22lb shopping has actually gotten worse. I have a figure that I would love to show off but can't as I feel so self-conscious in fitting clothes. Previously I had a bust to almost match my over-weight body but of those 22lb I lost, I'd be lucky if 2 of them came from my bust. Very disproportionate.

So I have a 2 month wait to see my PS and it can't come quick enough. Hoping to have my surgery within 6 weeks after my consult. I doubt that there is anything he can say that will change my mind. My friend, mum and partner have all expressed any concerns (or just questions) that they have, and nothing bothers me.

As far as I am concerned, this is a done deal. My work has prematurely approved two weeks off, though I think this might not be enough.. But I am going into this with a positive mind-set and a can-do attitude so that hopefully I can be back at work after that. I have only been in my job 4 months so they are very nice to give me any at all.

I am keeping myself healthy, both exercising and eating well as I have read a few reviews from people who have expressed how well they heal potentially due to their overall health and this is something I am working towards. I am still actively researching and reading reviews on here as nothing is set in stone until I am under than anaesthesia!

Lastly, I am hoping to go down to a C cup but going to let my PS make the final decision on that.

If you have read down to here, thank you, and I hope some of you can point me in the direction of your review or leave a comment :)

Hi there, it is a brave step but I am sure you will feel amazing six months down the track! I am considering getting a BR and possibly a tummy tuck now I have finished having my (4!!) children but I am only in the research stage and would love some advice on surgeons and types of scars...any help relevant to NZ would be fantastic :). Good luck
Thanks! Good to see another Kiwi on here :) Definitely happy to share my info with you, re: surgeon, scars and anything else that might help. I am blessed to be in Hamilton where the fact of the matter is, our private hospitals charge less than Wgtn or Auckland, so my surgery is approx $7k cheaper than it would be in Auckland!
Wow, that's a big difference. I paid just over $15K for my surgery here in Wellie. It was a lot but the best money I ever spent! Not long to go now until your consult :)

Just added a photo of me in my underwear, and will...

Just added a photo of me in my underwear, and will eventually be brave enough to put up an au naturale photo, probably when have a confirmed surgery date. So I was fitted as a 10G, but when in Sydney a few weeks ago I went to Myer to buy a new bra and a 10G in this particular style was too tight so I got 12F - It is comfortable, but it makes me feel (and look!) MASSIVE. I prefer me 12DD bra which probably doesn't have ideal coverage but I like the way it looks, feels, it covers everything and the band sits flat against my skin at the front. Okay, I may be in denial.
Ur gonna love it. I havent had mines yet but after reading soo many reviews. I know we will love our new "much lighter" breast. Enjoy!
Thanks! The next few months can't go quick enough :)
Congratulations on making the decision. Having a breast reduction is one of the best decisions I've ever made. The recovery was uncomfortable, but manageable. The worst bit was the worries and emotional ups and downs, which it seems everyone experiences. Now at 3 months post op I am healed and happy. It really is wonderful to have smaller breasts (I'm still in the region of 34DD), no sagging, boob sweat or rashes. Absolutely lovely :)

On a side note, I just went to the gym and had my...

On a side note, I just went to the gym and had my measurements taken before I start a month long boot camp in my bid to be kick-ass healthy prior to surgery. My current bust measurement is 93cm (36in) down from 100cm (39in) a few years ago! That made me feel INCREDIBLE. Hope to be another few cm smaller after surgery!

I have a huge list of questions to ask my surgeon...

I have a huge list of questions to ask my surgeon next week. I know that there is a lot of stuff that he will tell me without asking, about the actual surgery, and my post-op consults etc but from reading through everyone else's reviews and reading what you ladies were left pondering after my surgery, I have come up with the following questions. Your opinions, ideas and experiences will be much appreciated!

- How does he determine my nipple placement?
- I have IBS, how to prevent constipation, and am made easily nauseous so would like some antinauseants via IV and also for at home. What is the reason for everyone experiencing lack of bowel movements?
- When can I drive?
- If I feel up to it, can I walk around the block? If not, do I need to wear compression stockings for a few days?
- Are my breasts mainly fat or mainly tissue? I have lost 10kg, none of it from my breasts, and suspect it is tissue. So if I gain weight, or get pregnant, how much bigger will they get? I have never experience a large change in size with weight gain either.
- When can I shower, and when can I have water directly onto my incisions?
- Do I tape the scars? Does he recommend vitamin E cream, bio oil, rosehip oil or anything else?
- What are the viable sizes for my body type? What does he recommend? Am I better off going bigger, because I like having boobies I just don't like them holding me back and hurting me. Am I better off going smaller, incase they increase during pregnancy?
- My underarm fat - is that flow-over breast fat, or because I just have fat armpits? (I am not getting liposuction)
- Will a high-protein, fruit and veg diet help me recover better?
- Post-op bras... does he supply one? Is the one I bought okay? How long until it is okay to go bra-less, and wear underwire?
- If I breast feed, will they sag? (I know this is no different than for non-reduced breasts but I am interested to know). If I breast feed for less than 6 weeks, are they more likely to bounce back? This, of course, is assuming I can breast feed.
- Is 2 weeks, or 2 1/2 weeks off work, enough? it's all I can get.
- Does he recommend arnica cream, or liquid, or rescue remedy?
- Risks of sleeping on my side - is this just to reduce pain/blood flow?
- Will i have internal and external stitching? How do dog-ears occur, and will he fix it for no charge if I get one?
- What do I do if an incision opens up in the few weeks after my surgery
- What can I do for itching? Anti-histamines?
- Can I clean the incisions with normal soap, or do I need natural/fragrance free/pH balanced soap?
- Will the nipple scab?
- What can I do to reduce bruising?
- Will I have drains?
- Will I have a tube in my throat/nose AFTER I wake up?
- Will I need antibiotics? (I HATE them, they wreak havoc with my bowels)
- How many BRs does he do a week?

Whew! I am a little bit OCD when it comes to this, because I am so flipping excited for my consultation, and hopefully my surgery a month after that and I just want to KNOW EVERYTHING and I want to have a definitive date so I can write it big and bold in my diary!

I hope he can fit me in late June. On June 20th-23rd I am going to the South Island for my besties 21st, and would love to be in the week after. Cross your fingers for me ladies! As soon as I have a date, I will have the courage to upload some more pics.
That's a very comprehensive list and I'm sure he'll be able to answer all of your queries in your consult. The other things that I would ask if it were me, would be: How many reductions has he performed over the course of his career? How often do his patients require revisions and what is the most common revision required? What are the most common complications that arise in his practice and how often do they occur? Are revisions included in the price of the surgery? (Good to know, since you're paying out of pocket!) If you have to go back into surgery for a heamatoma/complication is this included in the price (the form with my surgeon was that if you are still in the hospital, then it's included as ACC covers it. If you've already gone home and need to go back into surgery then it's not covered by ACC, you don't have to pay for the surgery but you do have to pay for the theatre time.) Look forward to hearing how you get on :)
Acc still covers a revision but you have to apply before you have it, not just go in to hospital and then claim it back. But yes I will ask about common causes of RTT (return to theatre) and other anomalies
Oh, I didn't know you could do that! I'm sure you won't need it, but good to know :)

What did you ladies wear to the hospital? I will...

What did you ladies wear to the hospital? I will wear track pants (it is going to be winter here) but I don't have anything that buttons up except sheer blouses, which doesn't work at all! I haven't worn button up things for years before I like fitted clothes and we all know how uncooperative buttons are for large breasts!

Maybe I should just wear a zip up sweatshirt?
Just read your full profile and really relate with the part about people commenting on my breast size. I've never met a friend and have even come across some co-workers that could not resist making a comment. None of their dang business! Thanks for sharing. You are really going to love being smaller. The shopping will be 50 times more fun!
Omg I'm so excited to shop but scared too because I'm already a shopaholic, imagine how bad it will be when more stuff fits me! Haha. I hate when I'm out shopping with a friend and I pick up something cute and people say "will that fit over your boobs?" Or "do they have anything your size?" - excuse me, but I'm not making comments about stuff fitting over your *insert self conscious body part here* so keep your trap shut! Haha
LOL *insert self conscious body part here*. That gave me a great chuckle! I definitely needed to remind myself not to spend too much. I think I spend $1,000 in a week just replacing my wardrobe. The one thing I didn't have on my list was what it would be like to have some of the feeling come back into your breasts. My breasts were suddenly really over-sensitive and were killing me. Turns out it was just my nerves "waking up".

Surgery booked!!!

Well I saw my surgeon for the first time this afternoon, and it went really well. Most importantly, I am booked in for 3rd July!

My surgeon is really young, I would say mid 40s. He has quoted me about $8000-$9000 which is SO CHEAP for NZ and just as well, because my insurance only pays $5k so I am funding the rest. That's how bad I want this. This may be the only time in my life when I am in the position financially to be able to do it.

I asked him all my questions, i won't go in to them all in detail but there is definitely some that are blog-worthy.

Firstly, my procedure will be a day-stay at the private hospital about 10 mins from home. The surgery itself will only take an hour to 1.5hours (didn't most of you ladies say yours took 4+ hours!?) which I queried but he reiterated that I am a simple, low risk case. So low risk, in fact, that I am almost not a candidate at all. He will be able to take out 400g per breast and my insurance requires 350g. He asked which size I wanted, and we discussed it but he said that he's not familiar with bra shopping, so not too familiar with sizes! That makes sense! He said he could take 600g and leave me with next to nothing, and I said NO! I LIKE THEM! I just don't want them to be this big. I said I want to leave a bit of room for growth during pregnancy, so a C/D would be great. D for me is fine as I'm a band size 32 so a D is still very small.

He said that ideally women should wait until after they've finished having kids but he understands that it is not always an option. He will use the anchor technique, which I was expecting. He said that my breasts are tissue, not fat, as I suspected due to them not getting smaller with weight loss. The pure weight of them growing when I was so young has made them very saggy and the fact the bulk of the content is sitting at the very bottom of them is what is causing my back pain.

So a few more topics due to my reduction being alot smaller than some other ladies, is that I do not need liposuction anywhere and there will be no residual fat under my arms as (and this was VERY good for my self-esteem!) he said that there is no fat on the rest of me, just large breasts! (Yes, yes, please keep the compliments coming, thanks doctor!)

I will have disolving stitches around the nipple and staples on the vertical scar. This is for cost, they are alot cheaper and he is aware that this is going to cost me a fair bit as is. He has recommended no bra (!!) for the first 1-2 weeks, as I will be bandaged, and he recommends taping the scars and not using ice or scar creams. He will give me a dose of antibiotics in my IV and I will be taking paracetamol and ibuprofen (most of you will know this as Advil) and I am staying away from codeine as my poor IBS doesn't like it very much. He is positive that I will not need much pain relief, will be back at work (I have a desk job) in a week if I want to be (I am taking 10 days off) and if I can walk around the block every day then that would be fantastic.

I bought a cute little zip-front (high impact) sports bra that he said will be good for after 2 weeks post-op, so I'll probably wear it to work because it doesn't look out of place.

Some of this definitely sounded weird to me after reading reviews from all of you, but I trust him too. He performs a BR every fortnight (for NZ that is HUGE, these things don't happen often over here) and has very rarely had complications. A 1 in 50 chance of a post-op bleed and the next most common problem is for the stitches not to dissolve and my body tries to reject them. I've had dissolving stitches before, and they were fine.

Sorry ladies, I just realised that I came on to write a brief update and have again ended up pouring out my life story.

Summary: I am SO excited, SO relieved and my partner is in Europe so noone to share my excitement with. Now I am comfortable uploading more photos, so I will do that in the morning.

Hi!! I just read your post and in terms of size, height, weight I am very similar to you. I JUST had my 2nd breast reduction on May 17th 2013. My first one was 10years ago when I was 16 years old... I was 5'2" weighing only 105lbs and was wearing a 32DDD-32F depending on the bra and how in denial I was when bra shopping. It was embarrassing and I was constantly referred to as "the girl with HUGE juggs" etc... which was very hard to deal with in high school. The PS that did my 1st reduction was a bit of an ass, but I was young and so desperate that I allowed him to be pushy without really thinking. He told me that women did not look attractive is they were smaller than a C and he refused to take me any smaller than that. So a C it was... Similar to what you think you are wanting. Now not to sway you one way or another, but now 10 years later I am 5"2 sitting at around 125-130 (at my highest weight I was 145 and lost 20 lbs last summer NONE of which came from my breasts!! all tissue in these gals!). At 125-130lbs, 5'2" and just hormonal changes through my late teens/mid twenties I was back up to a 32D/32DD depending on the day, month, bra etc. I was again miserable and finding it quite difficult to cope with the fact that my breasts were enormous again despite my reduction. I made the decision 2 years ago that I would have a 2nd reduction. You aren't OCD... this is a HUGE decision and a permanent change you're making. I think you're well prepared with your list of questions!! Good for you :) The day of the surgery (last week) went really well... He tried to use lipo to reduce the size before cutting tissue out but as I suspected I'm all tissue and he said he couldn't get a darn thing out of me with lipo. So he cut...My recovery has been a DREAM, not like last time. I was in and out that same day and was up walking around and feeling fine that evening. I'm only 1 week post-op but I haven't needed much time at all... I admit I don't sleep well (I'm a stomach sleeper) and I get very tired throughout the day but other than that I have been great. On the day of I wore some leggings that pulled on and a button up shirt that I bought from Old Navy for $10... it has served me well during recovery. A zip up sweatshirt would work fine as well... anything that doesn't need to be pulled over your head. I went in wearing the button up shirt, with that awkwardly placed button busting open as per usual and came out with it closed nice and flat and I was able to look down and see my feet! It's the first thing I said upon waking!! lol I honestly can tell you that this surgery will be the best thing you do and will change your life. I wish you all the luck in the world in deciding on size and in your recovery!!! Sorry for such a long comment!!! I just really felt like I connected with your journey so far :)
I love the long comment, thanks so much! The surgeon is just going to take me as small as he can without compromising my circulation :) I went in to the store and looked at bra sizes, and I'm not sure that ours correctly align with us sizes because a 10c looks so tiny so I am aiming for that but would be happy with a 10d. I definitely hope to not need another surgery later in life!


Finally have the courage to upload a couple of pics
You're so young and in such good shape the chances of complications for you are a lot lower. I also have IBS and the meds did a number on me (and it wasn't a 2). Make sure you have stool softeners and/or laxatives. It still took me 4 days before I had a BM, ugh. My surgery took 4 hours and my PS removed 500g from each side. Curious how your surgeon gets done so fast. Congrats!
I am also curious how my surgeon gets it done so fast! Could have used my whole consultation just grilling him about that haha. Very interesting. I'm avoiding codeine because it binds me up, and I have some softeners in the cupboard so I think my main concern will be my poor bowels because anyone with IBS knows how much pain that can cause, and it is likely to be more than the surgery pain!
One thing I've learned from this site is every PS is different in how they perform the surgery and their instructions for after care. The anesthesia can back you up too. I had Smooth Move tea (2 bagger), drank tons of water, and finally felt better by day 5.

A bit more information...

I have just been doing some research about surgery times, and not wearing a bra post-op as these are the two things that really contradicted a lot of stuff I had read. I know everyone is different, but I had read a few doctors pages advising that 90 mins can be standard for this procedure, so that was good.

I also read this.. "Do not wear a bra for the first week after breast lift or breast reduction surgery. This will reduce your postoperative pain and reduce the risk of shifting the position of the implants after breast enlargement surgery. You may wear any type of undergarment you choose after the first week provided it does not give you pain. It is not necessary to wear a bra at all times" which makes me feel better about not wearing a bra for the first few weeks. Then on to my zip front sports bra for some extra support.

Whew! Breath a sigh of relief. do have a really nice body but definitely too much boobs :-( i am praying all the best for you as this is a life changing decision and girlfriend, smaller feels and looks a whole lot better! God bless you on this journey!
Thanks so much! :) Women who want big boobs are CRAZY! Haha.
lol..yes they are! you're welcome dear.


I just realised my surgery is NEXT MONTH. 1 month and 2 days away. And I haven't even applied to my insurance company yet. Why? Because I haven't received my specialist letter from my consultation yet. For me, this is INCREDIBLY unorganised but I'm sure my letter will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday (Monday is a public holiday) then I can ring insurance, get approved (!!) and still in plenty of time for my surgery.

I have a not-for-profit insurance company here, and I know that I will be accepted within policy limits. Every person is entitled to the same thing, so they don't find ways to decline people for treatment that they are entitled to. So i have no need to worry, it's just scary knowing that I don't have my prior approval number yet!

Patience, patience...
Crongrats.. I hope all goes well, it will be a world of difference once you had the surgery!!!
Thanks! I hope so! It's so close now, still no letter for prior approval but I'm being patient :) Good things take time!

Starting the insurance process

3 weeks today until the surgery and I emailed my information away to my insurance company tonight. They'll get back to me within 5 days.
My surgeon wrote a really fantastic letter, ticked all the boxes, and if he had called me 'thin' one more time my head wouldn't have been able to fit through the door tonight ;)
If your still after questions for your PS a good one is "will you be operation AND the stitching of the wounds yourself?" It sounds silly i know but its something that id hate to be on the wrong end of!
He does :) I've got the estimate and for insurance purposes he would have to provide an estimate for a Second surgeon. Whew!
Hi there, I rang and spoke to the nurse on Friday and asked if I could see any before and after photos and the nurse said that their policy was not to display any photos on the net....which i can understand the privacy thing but I would like to see the work hes done on previous patients. was wondering if he showed you photos during consultation? anyways by what the nurse has told me and by his profile he sounds like a very experienced surgeon.. cant wait to hear about your results (0;

Insurance approved!

I forgot to update, I got my insurance approval last week so I am all go for next Wednesday.

The only thing I am worried about is how not worried I am! I could not be more ready for this.

A quick pic

Just added a quick photo that made me laugh

Less than a week...

In less than a week I will be in hospital! I just had a "OMG" moment today where I realised that I am making a huge life changing decision.

And now, after dropping my hospital forms off (WOW what a flash hospital) I am suddenly very nervous. It doesn't help that my 6 month old kitten is really sick and has been having seizures (toxoplasmosis) so I have been so worried about him, and am still worried though he is on the mend. So I'm feeling stressed, and run down, and taking a tonne of vitamin C and eating kiwi fruits and even the odd cold & flu tablet just to make sure I don't get sick. I cannot be sick right now. I know these nerves are normal, but they're a shock considering how okay I have been up until now.
Hi MissKJ I hope your little kitten is on the mend. We have a 15 year old moggie and we've had her since she was 8 weeks old , so I know that our fur-babies can be a huge worry. Don't worry, I'm sure you won't get sick in the next few days and everything will go smoothly on the big day. The waiting really is the most stressful part and you will be so happy when it's over and done with, and you have lovely little boobies!
I got sick! but now I'm on the mend :) Silly cat. I told him he has to be better by Wednesday because we're spending 10 days together at home and it is going to be AWESOME so he needs to be healthy. Haha. I am really starting to get nervous now, and SO excited! I am having dreams about having lovely little boobies :D
Oh no! Sometimes the pre-surgery anxiety about not getting sick does that to you! Before my surgery I got an infection and was on antibiotics. I was convinced my PS wouldn't operate but he was completely laid back about it! I'm sure your little pussy-chops will be great company while you're recuperating. I dreamed about boobs before my surgery too - complete boob obsession 24/7!!! You're nearly there now - yaye :)

I got sick...

Yesterday was a terrible day, though it's only a cold. Today I am making some soup to freeze, making sure that I have everytihng I need for post-op and keeping warm so this cough will go away! I just have a build up of mucus (ew) that needs to go away as I don't think the anaesthetist will be too keen working with me if my lungs are struggling.
Awe. That sucks :( hope you feel better in time. Take care of yourself.
hi missKJ.. hey not good to hear..lets hope it clears up before the big day. My kids had the same thing the other week so I poured boiling hot water into a big bowl with a few drops of eucalyptus oil and put it bedside their beds while they slept and man it really did the trick...iv been doing it every night since just to make sure it never comes back (0; alot of healthy soups are a great idea too.
that's a good idea! I just need to break down everything in my chest. I have vicks vapor rub so might put some of that in some hot water tonight :) I am on a mission today to make pumpkin soup and anything else that tickles my fancy so we can continue to eat well when i am too tired/sore to cook!

1 more sleep!

This time tomorrow I will be sitting in my day room, trying to eat and take myself to the toilet so that they will let me go home!

The bad news is, we had to have our kitten put to sleep yesterday morning which has really given me an emotional knock. My cold is gone, I just have a chesty cough that the anaesthetist might not be too keen on. I just need to get a good night's sleep tonight and know that I have the best chance of recovery if I relax.
Thats really upsetting :( i hope your doing ok after having to say goodbye to your little baby. Its amazing how attatched we get and i hope you can find some solace in your little kitten not hurting anymore if even just for a second :( so sad for you being a fellow kittens parent. Goodluck in your Op and i hope you mend well and quickly. X
Thank you! I'm so glad my baby isn't hurting anymore and now I can focus on my recovery without force feeding him three times a day. I'm all cried out so I am ready for this op! Will update when I'm on the other side :D x
Read your blog, this is currently my life story. I'm 21, size E (although have never been fitted out of shame) and weigh 51kgs, so reasonably 'petite'. It is reassuring to know other people share these problems that I have kept to myself for so long. Finally decided to book in bilateral BR and booked for Feb. Hope your recovery goes well! x

Bye bye bras!

Here they are. 19 of my 20 bras (one is in the wash) all ready to go! I've tried everything to be comfortable, soft cup, hard cup, full cup, size 12dd, 14dd, up to a 12f when I know my ideal size is a 10g. These bras will all go to the girl guides who collect bras and send them to Fiji and other islands :) I hope there are some busty women in need of bras!

Good luck!! Were you a guide? I am a girl scout leader and I never thought about sending my bras out. I still have my old ones but now I know what to do with them!!!
No I was never a guide but there's a poultry farm between where I live and my parents place who collects them at a certain Time of year (no idea when) and I'm not sure if its just a New Zealand thing
Good luck tomorrow!

I made it!

I have been dozing for hours, it's 6.30 my surgery was done at 3 and I first woke up at 4. All I can say right now is I feel (and look) amazing! Was sick from the anaesthesia but they've taken care of that, though the 10 min drive home might be a bit ick
Fantastic - well done you! Tuck yourself up and rest, rest, rest! Look forward to seeing the new gals in due course. You are now officially small boobed :)
Oh my gosh, I am!! I hadn't even thought of it that way! Oh wow, life is so good right now. How strange to be not wearing a bra and to not be uncomfortable!
Oh yes, that is a deeply joyous thing, and not feeling them slap down onto your ribs when you sit down without a bra on! So glad that you are not in any discomfort and that you've been able to sleep (I couldn't sleep properly for days). Hard to see the girls with all their gauze and wrapping but they look lovely and perky. Even though you feel good, you have lots of healing to do so put your feet up and rest lots!

Day 1

Firstly I want you ladies to know that I have a VERY low pain threshold. But I feel great! Have been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen and that's all, eating fine, moving fine, slept really well with assorted pillows behind me.

Came home from hospital about 8.30pm, got some McDonald's on the way home and came to bed.

I'm bandaged up because when I went to the bathroom in hospital I bled a fair but but nothing since. I love them! 300g removed from each side, no idea what size I might be but I don't really care because 1) they're smaller 2) they look great and 3) nothing I can do about it now!
You look wonderful :) hope your resting and healing well! X
Thank you! I am resting A LOT and though I am bored out of my mind I know it's for the best :)
thanks for posting pic..cant believe how good they look just one day after the surgery!! I thinks hes done an excellent must be soo happy. Hope youre resting heaps (0;

Day 2

I AM SO ITCHY! I haven't removed the bandages yet, will have a friend help me with that tonight.

So far the itch is definitely the worst part and it's almost the entire length of the bottom incisions. I just lightly tap the itchy bit with my finger and it seems to do the trick.

I have zero regrets. I feel amazing, I can go without pain medication (though I will take something when I remember, just so it doesn't get really bad really fast) and for the first time in I don't know how long, it isn't uncomfortable to be without a bra!

I am window-shopping online, it feels amazing to know that now I will fit into the clothes I want, and if they don't fit they just don't fit my body, and that's that. My body has been through enough now, and I shall love it unconditionally
I take Benadryl pills, they seem to help with the itches. (a few people on this site suggested it)
I don't think we can get those in New Zealand. I do wonder if an antihistamine will work?
Yes it probably will...that's really what Benadryl your attitude and philosophy on Day 1....You look great...happy healing.

Day 3

Took this photo last night when I took my bandages off. A friend and I concluded that there's little to no swelling as my breasts aren't red and hot like they were on day 1.

I'm looking forward to them dropping a little, at the moment they're very up-and-out like Barbie's breasts!
Wow this is undoubtedly the best review I've read in the last 10 months- thank you so much for taking such time over it. My operation is in 3 days and I'm worried that I haven't had any pre-op consultation since the very first consultation- I didn't/don't know the answers to ANY of the questions you asked! I really appreciate you posting some of his answers. What did he say about the choice of nipple positioning? Thanks again. I have a short concentration span but I read your whole review in one go- fascinating, well written and informative. And by the way, they and you look GREAT x
Thanks I'm so glad you found it helpful! You know what, I only ended up asking him 1/2 of the questions I had prepared and the nipple one was something I didn't ask. When he did my pre-op markings he said "I'm planning to take the nipple up 8cm" and I said "Great, and make it smaller, right?" and he said yes, and that was all I cared about! I was so self-conscious about my big nipples and now they are beautiful :) Good luck for your surgery I hope you come out as calm and happy as I am, I would not change this for the world!
So glad that you are feeling well and sound as perky as your barbie boobs look! I don't want to be a nag, but do be careful! There are lots of internal stitches that need time to heal and although you may feel great your boobs have been through a lot and the tissue needs time to heal (especially the bits you can't see!). Okay, nag over you can get on with your internet shopping now! You might find that you do have some swelling to go down, so try and resist the urge to go too crazy with the credit card just yet - hard I know!

Day 4

No pain relief now, and I can feel a tickle on my nipples and the respond to temperature but no overwhelming feeling as yet.

My surgeon expressed his delight at being able to perform the procedure with only a very short horizontal scar, and after having a look this morning I can see what he means. the scar is only about 13cm long which I am very pleased about.

I had my first shower last night and wish I hadn't, I should have sticked to bathing which I have been doing since Day 1, I am fortunate that I have full arm movement and there has been nothing that I can't do for myself though my partner tells me off if I do too much i.e. try to pick the pizza up off the bench at the pizza store.

I am allowed to get my tape wet as long as I blow dry it, so I had a gentle shower but I freaked out a little when I saw blood but it was just blood washing out of my tape, so now it looks even worse than it did before my shower!

I have my follow up on Thursday, so 8 days after surgery, and I'm not sure if my staples will come out then or not. I'm not bothered either way. I will probably go back to work on Wednesday as I am leaving my job on July 19th and I have a lot of work to get done before then!

Just uploaded a picture of a sports bra that I bought months ago in anticipation of this, tried it on at the time and laughed at all the bulges out the sides! Now it fits perfectly and while it is FAR too compressing for me at this point it will be fab for working out in when the time comes :)
So teeny! Fantastic!
Thanks! I'm so happy :D

The zingers

The zingers have started!! I hope I can sleep through them. Will pain medication help them or are they going to be the same no matter what?
You look fantastic! What a great recovery you're having :)
Congratulations and you look great.! Also zingers are quick and they won't last long. Every one is different but I viewed mine as healing and connecting and they didn't last long enough for me to remember how long I got them. It's been 4 months for me and I can't remember last time I got one . Good luck!!
Well everybody's different so it's always worth a try, perhaps try something that's good for neuralgia. For me each zing was fairly short-lived so it was a question of wincing and waiting for it to pass, as I didnt take anything that took the edge off them! On the happy side, at least you know that the nerves are repairing themselves which is good news. They do start to lessen over time :)

Day 6

Nothing to update, no pain therefore no pain medication, still the same range of movement. I REALLY miss sleeping on my side, when will I be able to do that?

I will be going back to work tomorrow, I went out shopping today so I figure if I can do that, then I can go to work!
Hi, I am a Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon based in Mumbai, India. As a surgeon i come across many such cases not only in females but many males also want their breast to get reduced.Before going got breast reduction surgery one should get consult doctor 2 to 3 times prepare your mind for it and ask doctor for all the consequences and then opt for the surgery. Patients coming to me whether its a male breast reduction or female i give them all the detailed procedure that they will be going through.There are many things that a patient have to take care after the surgery all these is necessary to make patient understand.
um.... thanks?
I think that's a very individual thing. It doesn't take long for some before they can go back to sleeping on their side. It took me weeks before I could even lie flat on my back and months before I could lie on my side. Best to just keep trying and see how it goes for you. By all accounts, you sound incredibly perky and full of beans (that's probably one of the benefits of having the surgery at 24 rather than 44!) so it probably won't be long before you're back to your favourite sleeping position :)

1 week post-op

Well, my staples came out today, approx 8 in each breast. Piece of cake! The tool they use to take them out bends them so they just slip out, so some was just a little tug and some I legitimately couldn't feel! I was very surprised. My surgeon's nurse did it and it took about 5 mins, but my consult was half an hour as he had a look after that, then she taped me back up. Brown tape around my nipples now, to protect the dissolving stitches, and white tape for the rest to keep the scarring nice and flat. I have ALOT of yellow bruising which is weird because even the bits of skin I could see before, weren't bruised. But that's okay, I can handle bruising.

The good news is I CAN ITCH MYSELF NOW! My poor skin is taking a bit of a hammering from being under the tape and now being scratched, so I will use a gentle pH balanced moisturiser tonight and hopefully that will sooth a little.

Surgeon was pleased with my healing, and my all round lack of pain, and impressed that I had gone back to work so no hassles with me over-doing myself.

Oh, so here's what I actually came on here to post - my surgeon's invoice isn't ready yet, but it was quoted at $3500 so won't be any more than that. So assuming that it is exactly that amount, my surgery comes to a total of... wait for it.. $7200! (NZD). That means I only have to pay $2200 and insurance pays the rest! I budgeted $4500 so I am really thrilled, and cried a little because I was so excited.

So here is something I'm sure all you post-op ladies can relate to. I went shopping today, and tried some clothes on not to buy but just so I would be happy that they fit! And it did, it was a flowy little black chiffon dress for work, and it looked amazing. I was really thrilled! DIdn't get it, because I'm silly like that, I just want to shop around and see what other styles suit me first and possibly do some shopping on

Tried on a 10D non-underwire bra and while one fit, and one didn't, I didn't like the way it looked - it flattened out my boobs! Which will be great for those dresses where I want to look tiny but at the same time I am excited to join all those millions of women who go out shopping for push-up bras on a regular occasion! Bring on the 6 week mark and some proper bra shopping :)
You look amazing! even 1 week post op they are looking great! you must be thrilled... i cant wait to feel the same excitement in 1 day!
Thanks! You will feel the same :) Looking forward to reading your story more and hearing about your results.
Thanks for the show you are healing very well,,u must be very excited!! Thats amazing about the quote he gave you..such a blessing, now you can spend the rest on new clothes for "slim people" wait to do that). hey was wondering if you could give me the break down of the cost please..and was the $3500 just the surgeon fee? $7200 is amazingly affordable...would make me cry too. Hey i rang Jessie Kenton smiths office today and his prices have gone up to about 12,500..OMG will take me forever to save for that. The nurse told me the hospital alone cost $4500(southern cross)...expensive hah? Anyways thanks for updating and showing us all your progress..wont take long for the bruising to go away (0;

Small update

Okay, for those that didn't pick up on it, I can't add - my surgery was $7700 not $7200. Pending surgeon's invoice, which should arrive tomorrow :)

Today I window shopped for bras, I don't know why I torture myself. I really feel like I cold NEVER fit into a 10D (I have to remind myself that I did, when i tried one on the other day) and am having that TYPICAL post-op craziness of THEY'RE NOT SMALL ENOUGH! Which, of course, they are, you've all seen the photos. They're amazing.

However, I am hoping they just get about 1/2 a size smaller in coming weeks. Did you all experience shrinkage afterwards, or did your surgeon advise that they will get smaller? Would really love some feedback. My surgeon said I'l still a bit swollen so presumably will get a bit smaller. Also, about 1.5-2 inches around my incisions is REALLY hard so I am looking forward to that softening. If it is hard, is that swelling?

Of course I'll ask my surgeon when I see him again on Friday. Can't wait!

Something MAJOR that I forgot to add is that my partner really loves them. I am thrilled!
Don't stress, you need to give yourself so much more time! It's only two weeks since your surgery and although I know you're feeling great - which is fantastic - there will still be swelling and lots of healing internally to be done. Mine shrunk after surgery. Like NannyOgg below, I measured mine once a week so I had tangible evidence of the swelling going down. I also took weekly photos for the first 12 weeks and then at monthly intervals. At the weekend I put all the photos together on one page and the difference is noticeable. Even when I thought that all the swelling had gone down at 3 months, they are smaller now at nearly 6 months than they were at 3. So I think you will find that you still have swelling. Good idea to check with your PS about the hardness but I think most of us had hardness to some degree or another that softened up over time. Whenever I had a concern my PS would just say to me "give it time", that was his mantra! He was quite right of course. He said that the fact that things can take a while to settle shows the amount of internal trauma the breast tissue has gone through in this surgery. 6 months down the line, I'd have to say that I agree with that! Don't worry, it will all come right in time :)
Thanks so much, I really needed to hear that! I'm just paranoid because they don't look noticeably swollen so I feel like they won't get smaller >_< of course I love them regardless, life is already so much easier!
Congrats on the result, they look lovely :) About shrinkage, mine shrunk some after surgery, but over an extended period of time, so if I hadn't measured myself at intervals I don't know if I would have noticed. Straight after surgery I measured almost 40 inches, now at 6 months post op they're at 36 :)

2 weeks post-op

Nothing to update really, except that last night some of the brown tape around my nipples was coming lose so I pulled it back to replace it. It was the strip across the bottom, and from what I can see the area where my nipple meets the vertical incision is not pretty. Just some white gunk being expelled so i tried not to look, just taped it back up.

All part of healing!
I hope I am doing as well as you at 2 weeks!
You will be great! Your journey sounds very similar so far in terms of how active you have been so it's really all smooth sailing from here!

3 weeks post-op

Saw my surgeon at 2 weeks & 2 days for a tape change, and he said the healing is fantastic for two weeks but my nipples seemed to be reacting to the stitches. He said they were a little redder than expected, but to change the tape after another week and see if the stitches came out, and to give the incisions a gentle rinse in the shower and remove some stitches, air the incisions and then tape back up with the brown thin tape. He was pleased that I had been back to work and said he saw a women whose surgery was two weeks prior to mine and she wasn't doing as well as me. Said there must definitely be a benefit to being young and healthy (though don't get me wrong, even though I tried to be healthy pre-op I am by NO means a health-junkie or anything!).

So I did some (more) online shopping and am really pleased with how everything is fitting, I still have a large breasts for my size which suits me perfectly, I just feel like now I am more enviable rather than people thinking "WHOA, GINORMOUS!" or something similar.

Tonight I removed my tape and was pleased that the majority of the stitches came off with the tape, then picked a few more stitches off and took a photo or two. The incisions aren't as red as the flash made them appear, but then after I had a shower and gently cleaned them the hot water made them REALLY red. So now I'm just letting them get some fresh air before I tape them back up again.

They have already started to drop, which feels really natural, I love the way they feel. Righty had an internal bleed which is the reason it is SO hard, even still, so in a few more days I will start massaging them. Does anyone have any recommendations for this? The internal bleed explains the intense yellow bruising I noticed even though I KNEW I hadn't been externally bruised.

All the incision junctions have healed which I am stoked about, and the bottom incision is completely closed. My poor skin has taken a real hammering, it's all flaky and dry but I don't want to moisturise it just yet as I read another review where someone moisturised and it softened up the incisions too much and they went a bit yuk. So I better wait another week, maybe two.

Still no idea of size.. I tried on an old 34DD bra tonight just to test whether I felt like my ribcage was swollen more than anything and I have ascertained that yes, it is. But the 34DD is miles too big which is GREAT! I don't even want to be a 34D, just a 32D/34C.

One of the dresses I bought online is a very firm fit and I can JUST zip it up, and even then it gives me uni-boob (a term I use to describe that unattractive bulge you get at the chest where you can't actually see defined breasts) so I'm hoping there's a bit of swelling there that will go away so the dress fits! Surgeon thought there was still some swelling to go away and some women have reported sizing changes up until 6 months so I'm just being patient (but I really wanna wear that dress!!!)

OH! And lastly, tonight I bought a bikini. Not a huge deal, really, but this bikini CAME STRAIGHT OFF THE RACK! In the same size, top and bottom, not an underwire bra-style bikini bought online from the UK. I was so happy, I almost cried, and it was down from $110 to $35! Simple pleasures.
Thanks for the update.....they look great considering only 3 weeks post op. Cant even see the incisions under the breasts..hes done such a great job. Enjoy your shopping must be excited about spring and summer around the corner (0;
Thanks! My partner and I were admiring the work he did with the horizontal incision it perfectly follows the curve of my breast which is amazing!!
Hi there, don't worry too much about the haematoma (intenal bleed). I had one too and, assuming it's small - and it sounds like yours is - they do eventually reabsorb, although it can take some time. I went to see an acupuncturist about mine and she used moxibustion on it. I feel that it helped tremendously but my PS scoffed when I told him! If you do check out moxibustion I don't recommend you do it yourself, you definitely need an acupuncturist to do it for you. Otherwise my suggestions would be gentle heat (I used a wheat pack) a gentle massage without using any oils or creams. Both these things were quite soothing and help break it down. I found that the bruising in the area of the bleed took months and months to go completely, so don't worry if it seems slow. Love your story about the bikini - I think we can all relate to that!!


A little disheartened to realize I purchased a size 12 bikini but Size 10 bottoms, but go cares, it fits!
You look wonderful and thats a pretty amazing bikini. If your biggest issue at the moment is being a 12 instead of a 10 I'm really happy for you because its definantly something that an be overlooked and im glad your healing well with no issues ^_^ best wishes!
Thanks! I always love reading your comments you always know where I'm coming from :)
This is so amazing!! I am 19 and have 14gg bras, I wish one day i can afford to get mine done but wouldn't have a clue were to start! Reading this just makes me want it more!

5 weeks post-op

Hi all - long time, no post! I had my final follow-up with my surgeon on Friday and he signed me off :) So no more regular check-ups, unless I feel like I need to see him. Awesome!

Righty is gradually getting smaller and dropping as the haematoma shrinks/dissolves so I'm not worried about it at all. I went and tried on bras and I am DEFINITELY a larger size than I would have liked to be, but wouldn't change them for anything. I have still had a few emotional moments when some clothes don't fit as well as I would like but everyone has that, regardless or shape or size, because life isn't perfect!!

I can't wear underwire for another week because apparently week 6 is when the body does a huge amount of healing and I am warned that though the scars look flat and pale right now, in another week they could be raised, red and angry looking and its nothing to be concerned about. I'm glad he told me that! However I am wearing underwire right now and wore one last night when I went out to dinner just to see how it feels. I've also removed the tape from around my nipples because I'm not worried about that scarring (as it'll barely be noticeable anyway because of the colour difference of my nipple vs my skin) but left the tape on the vertical and horizontal incisions.

Not much else to say!
Great update as always. You look fab. I'm 5 weeks post op and also feel that mine are bigger than I expected- and seem bigger than they did immediately post op - but, like you, I now have a good shape and am pleased with the results. Even though I'm still big (I think) I'm walking tall now. How are you doing with exercise btw? I swear I've put on a couple of kilos since the op x
Oh I must do an update on that! I joined a gym last week, have Been twice and I CAN RUN! Without risking giving myself a black eye hahahaha I don't feel like I've gained any weight I'm not keen on weighing myself because I'm feeling good and don't want to unnecessarily upset myself haha


There is something (important) that I forgot to mention in my update - I can run!! I joined a gym last week and have been 3 times in a bid to build some muscle :)

Pre-op, when I ran, I felt like what was stopping me was my fitness. I now realise that what was stopping me was a terrible combination of embarrassment, chest pain and fitness. I can now get on a treadmill and run, and while my lungs may be burning I am not puffing, sweating or dying of embarrassment. This is the way forward, ladies, being able to run without risking giving myself a black eye! Hooray!
You are adorable! Sometimes I wish I could meet certain ladies on this forum face-to-face for coffee and chat about our boob experiences :)
Oh my gosh me too!! I don't know what I would have done without the real self ladies!
I love your comment! It is such an affirmation for me. I have completed two triathlons and multiple 5k runs since 2009. I have done, okay in each of those events but last year I finished a race and the race organizers had video taped everyone as they crossed the finish line. I received my link "Watch yourself finish your 5k race!" and I eagerly clicked on the link. I was so embarrassed and sad by what I saw on the screen (very different than what I saw in my head). My boobs are what I saw crossing the finish line... In my mind, I thought I was sailing strongly across the finish line but i actually looked like I was bouncing along... slowly! Ugh. It was very disheartening. That image has been a huge motivator for me to take action to start my journey. I had my first consultation last week, this was with my doctor to refer me to a surgeon. I have my consultation with "my" surgeon tomorrow! I have spoke with my acupuncturist/chiropractor and he has 10 years worth of history where he has been treating me for upper back, lower neck issues, including pinched nerves on my shoulders and neck... all from the weight I am carrying around on my chest. (I am 5' 4" I weigh 130 pounds and my bra size is a 34DDD) Thank you again for your post! You have made my day! :)

6 weeks post-op

Have been meaning to put some updated pics up for awhile, so here they are!

righty is still higher than lefty because of the haematoma which prevented it dropping as quickly. Scarring is red, but not inflamed (though it looks it) I just have such a pale skin tone, scarring always looks really nasty on me for a wee while. Usually purple in fact so I think red is better.

Not taping my nipples anymore, the right nipple is a bit lop-sided and puckered which I'm sure will even out. They are both a bit... I can't remember the word the surgeon used... pudgy, I guess I would say, and it was embarrassing at the gym because my top was clingy and you could see my nipples through my top and my bra!! Oh no!!! So I'm looking forward to them settling down a bit.

I can feel everything, I have no pain, I am back to normal! But am aware that my body probably still has some healing to do so I'm not judging my poor lopsided boobies and puckered nipple just yet ;)

Forgot the photos

So here they are!
You look lovely missKJ!!
Thank you!! :D
You look so lovely! They are really pretty and have come out with such a great shape!! Keep us posted as you get further in your healing :)

How quickly we forget

Sometimes I catch my reflection in a shop window and think "No, that can't be me, where are my boobs!?" but then I look at the pictures on here and think "I can't believe that is me" - Sometimes I can't believe what I have now, and sometimes I can't believe what I had before!

I am so much happier now, more confident, dressing my age, dressing the way I want to not the way my boobs allow me too. My confidence shows, my partner has noticed, I stand up tall, wear high heels without fear of thrusting my bust into someone's face.

I am aware that I am probably still of a size that I will attract attention, especially if I wear something tight, and many other (smaller) women will consider me large busted but you know what? I DON'T CARE! They are perky, lifted, the nipples don't point to the floor, I can go bra-less.... Gosh, all the things I didn't realise I needed so bad to make me a happier person in day to day life! I love my new boobies, and I seriously am having trouble not telling the world I WAS A G CUP, AND NOW I'M A D! WOOHOO!

Hope everyone else is as happy :)
This sounds worse then I mean! I love looking at your photos! I want to be a 34C!! I am currently 34H and it's depressing! I'm so unbelievably happy for you!xx
I ended up a 32DD, which is bigger than I would have preferred number wise, but in reality, the size is perfect :) I'm glad I didn't ask for a C cup, I think to some extent for me that would have been too different!
Ah yes I know what you mean. To me, a handful is good enough but I'm not sure how to phrase that to the surgeon! Lol xx

3 months already!

How time flies!

I am definitely a bit lop-sided still, but firstly I want to say that it doesn't bother me in the slightest. but also, in another 3 months, they might have settled even more. even though my healing has been so easy, I think I overlook certain healing facts, like the fact I might still be healing, adjusting and changing.

I have all feeling, though in some places less than others. My horizontal scar on righty, on the outer side, get's itchy if I am exercising from the underwire rubbing. My scars are very purple, but I expected that as I scar easily and I think after 12 months they will be very different.

My nipples are still pudgy, but it doesn't bother me. I don't really intend to go braless in public, and at least now I can wear those funny little stick on bras without a care in the world if I need to!

I haven't seen my surgeon, as I haven't needed to. I considered emailing him about recommendations for scarring and then I thought hey, why waste his time. We all know that time is of the essence, and I could probably get some cocoa butter or vitamin E cream which will aid with scarring but it's very low on my priority list right now!

Exercising is very easy, I enjoy working out, I enjoy seeing myself in the mirror both clothed and unclothed. In fact, alot of time I prefer looking at myself unclothed, as it really alerts me to the changes I have been through. My body looks proportioned, and I like to see it!

It is odd to me that none of my new workmates (I'm not sure if I mentioned that I started a new job 2 weeks post-op...) know about my surgery. When i had interviews, pre-op, I was very careful to not draw attention to the girls because I knew then that it would be somewhat apparent when I actually started. Strangely, the topic of breast surgery and particularly reductions has come up at work and I do my best to seem knowledgeable (and justified by having worked in health insurance) but not TOO knowledgeable. I haven't told anyone at work, though I have not kept it at secret at all. In saying that, my in-laws still don't know and probably won't ever.

Sleeping is alot more comfortable, I don't have to sleep in a bra, can wear cute nighties and lingerie, and my breasts don't flop over to the side. it's brilliant. I can get changed at the gym infront of other ladies and I don't want to cry with shame.

I stand tall, I don't pull my blazer tight across my chest, I wear heels with pride and don't feel like I'm promoting the girls.

I can't count the ways in which I am happier. I'm sure it's obvious to my partner, though we don't talk about it. Last time we spoke, he was happy with how happy I was, happy with how much more confident I am and happy that it hasn't made me more shallow in other ways, presumably!

I might take an updated photo in coming days, though i doubt much has changed... Can't be sure though, unless i compare photos!
You look great and with a short scar in fold - very fortunate- lucky to have such a good surgeon!
Thanks :D I am very fortunate to have had such a short scar, I'll gladly take the slight lopsided-ness for the results and recovery that I got!
absolutely and from photos I would say it is only apparent to you. I feel like my bras fit the same- the left was always a little tighter in the cup- if nature made us this way why expect a surgeon to do better ;) Asymmetry is more normal than we know- I've noted it even in some models/actresses - look closely :)

5 months update

I'll start off by saying that yes, sometimes I still wish they were smaller. i average a 32D/DD depending on the brand and fit. That doesn't bother me, nor does how they look in underwear or when I'm not wearing anything at all.
However, sometimes when I try on clothes I am still disappointed by how they fit. But no one is perfect, and most women dislike something about themselves, and no one fits all clothes perfectly so I'm willing to accept it!

Here are a few pics of the girls almost 5 months post-op. Scarring is good, soft, definitely fading quickly. The girls are the same size, but just slightly different in positioning that doesn't bother me at all.
Hi there, it was great to read about your experience! I have been considering the same surgery for a while now, I am a 10G and find myself resenting my boobs more and more. Just curious as to whether you ever miss your larger breasts?
Sorry for the delayed reply, I forgot about this site! NEVER! NEVER NEVER NEVER! I still sometimes wish I had gone smaller, but very rarely. 95% of the time I am so stoked with my decision and 5% of the time "I wish I had a C-D and not DD!". There was nothing I liked about being larger, so there was nothing to miss :)
Hi there! Great to see your update. I loved your review way back when. You look fantastic. I feel the same as you- I want to look in the mirror and really see a difference but I don't. I think it's different in underwear because we get the benefit of seeing their new lovely shape and lack of droopiness. But you look great :)

Emotional update

Hey guys

So it's been 11 months since my surgery, how time flies!

Bra shopping is still.. a mission. i won't say depressing, because no matter how unsuccessful I still don't leave the store in tears like I did pre-op. I can try on 8 bras and only fit 1, and I am a 12D or 10DD but sometimes even they are too small. If they are, it's because it's a stupid brand that runs smaller than usual so I just ignore it.

I am more open with people now about my surgery, it's easier to tell people who did not know me pre-op, like my workmates, since I started my current job two weeks post-op. They don't know what I looked like before so it doesn't phase them, even the boys!

Sometimes I find I have to tell people, because I am 25 and I am dressing my age, or even younger, because I have never been able to! So it's easier to say to people "I had my boobs done, and I am bloody making the most of it!".

I got married in April and in 90% of the photos I love my shape, but I have to admit there are a few that make me wish I had gone smaller. But that's life!

The other day I bought a lot of dresses online from for a big work conference in the USA and I was showing my workmate, who knows about my surgery. He says "Yeah, you're not going to be able to wear that, your boobs are too big". And that was a trigger. He knows how I feel about them, and the back story, and has thus far been really understanding. I was like ya know what, if I had tiny boobs you wouldn't say "You can't wear that, your boobs are too small". If I was overweight, you wouldn't say "You're too fat to wear that"... so what gives you the right to make that comment about my body!?!?!

So yes, I am still a little bit sensitive about having big boobs I guess. But people don't stare any more, unless I'm wearing a dress that shows them off. Attached a couple of pictures of dresses I have worn this year for special occasions, with no bra. One dress was for my hens night and one for a big work party. Also attached pictures of my wedding day- was going to go braless but ended up wearing a strapless bra at the dressmakers recommendation- WOW! Who'd have thought!? It was comfortable enough, didn't slip down, and more importantly, I was able to find one in my size!
LOVE READING YOUR REVIEW. I'm 16 days post op, and much of what you wrote could have come right from my brain! You are absolutely stunning--thanks for sharing!
Thank you!! How are you feeling now? :)
Congrats on your transformation & your marriage. You look absolutely stunning in those dresses!
Winston McEwan

What An amazing surgeon, he did a great job in such a short surgery and really made me feel relaxed and confident with my choice

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