Got Sick After 8 Months with Silicone Implants

I had silicone unders for 18 months. After 8...

I had silicone unders for 18 months. After 8 months I developed full blown autoimmune diseases. Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, brain fog, Candidias, muscle aches, numbness in my extremities, skin deterioration, loss of hair. Prior to the implants I suffered mildly from psoriasis.

If you have a history of auto immune issues, any rheumatoid problems, silicone will push you over the edge into a minefield of health issues.

I am explanted 3 months and most of my symptoms have gone.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I feel as though you've saved my life. I have had numbness in my extremities, nerve pain, muscle fatigue and twitches and numerous other weird symptoms over the past couple of months and I've been terrified! I've seen my GP for numerous blood tests, seen a naturopath, an osteopath and two neurologists (who said my symptoms didn't follow the normal path of any neurological disorders such as MS) but nobody has been able to give me a diagnosis. I had silicone implants 5 years ago and about 6 mths ago I noticed one had changed shape and become very hard. I suspect it may be ruptured which could well explain my sudden health deterioration in recent months. I'll be contacting Dr Tristan de Chalain tomorrow to make an appointment. Were you happy with his knowledge/expertise in this area? What was the cost of the surgery? Linda
Tristan de chalain

I recommend him for his willingness to perform the procedure en bloc (capsule and implant as one).

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