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No Eyebrow Lift Effect with Botox - New Zealand

Hi I had botox for the first time 8 days ago to...

Hi I had botox for the first time 8 days ago to lift the eyebrows as mine are hereditarily low. She injected the botox in three places. I am feeling very disappointment as I can see no improvement or lift in the area at all. I am young (32) and have great skin so not sure why the results aren't better.

I had it done because I don't like my low lying eyebrows. Only cons so far, I paid $200 to get it done with no results so far. Very disappointed.

I thought a few days ago that there was some lift there but now I really don't think there is any at all. Do you think it still could happen for me? or did botox fail?

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Because I am to date not happy with the results.

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