Very Happy at 2 Months - New York

I had Ultherapy about two months ago and am so...

I had Ultherapy about two months ago and am so happy with my results. I had tried thermage three years ago and believe this is a much better procedure. My doctor explained the possibility of discomfort to me so we used advil beforne the procedure and I did fine. You can definitely feel it, but its nothing compared to surgery I'm sure. If youre thinking about it, I would highly recommend it.


HI Betty,

Welcome to the Ulthera community! So glad everything worked out so well for you. What prompted you to have this procedure done? Since you had such a positive experience would you go again in the future if needed? Please keep us updated and if you are comfortable sharing pictures we would love to see them.

Thanks so much for your review,


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Really explained options and and entire process to me.

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