Tummy Tuck W/lipo - More Pain Than Expected

Had it done the 22nd of June. when i woke up it...

had it done the 22nd of June. when i woke up it was this feeling i cant explain, an for hours later at home, i believe it was from the anastasia. the next i was feeling a bit better, till i was throwing up all night long, think it was from my pain meds, so i had to stop taking them. the pain i got when i was getting sick was very bad, an still up above my belly button it burns an looks like it sticks out a bit. im just hoping i didnt pop a stich inside.

this has been more than i thought it would be an i was expecting alot, i just hope i get some good results.

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How are you doing? It's been more than a month? Are you happy?

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I was pretty nauseous when I first got home, my sister brought me some phenergan which helped a lot. I am almost 6 weeks out and still have some tenderness still careful with my movements and have to rest a lot. I sometimes feel like I can feel the stitches on the inside where my abdominal muscles were sewed together.....as soon as I get that feeling I lay down. So afraid that I am pulling apart!! I doubt it, but so afraid to get the big bulging belly back.
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You're still pretty early in your recovery, but I hope you're feeling better and are beginning to see your new tummy.

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I hope you are feeling better every day and seeing great results. I am having my TT on Sept. 8 -- excited and very nervous. My biggest fear and worry is nausea and vomiting! I don't do well w/ anethesia or drugs, and am a baby when it comes to pain. God, I hope I make it through it. I am trying to think positive and let the excitement of getting rid of my train-wreck tummy override my fears. I would like to hear more about your experience and an update on how you are doing.
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