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I have just had the lipo done this morning. I had...

I have just had the lipo done this morning. I had the full abdomen done and the doctor removed 600cc of fat. I'm petite, 5", 116 lbs post pregnancy. I was 104 pre-pregnancy 14 months ago. I didn't gain much weight during my pregnancy and the doctor also told me that once I've had the baby, my belly would go back to normal. But, I had to have c - section and I was left over with this bulge. I tried everything but could not shift it. So, finally 14 months alter, I got the smart lipo done this morning.

So, far I'm feeling fine. I was awake throughout the procedure, did not feel any pain, just a little sting now and then. My husband picked me up, and since I was feeling fine, I went shopping, came hope and napped for 3 hours. When I woke up, I had a discharge and my pants were wet. I'm still leaking fluid and have changed my dressing twice. I will have to change it once more before going to bed. I also went to the park with my son in the evening. Let us see what day 2 brings. I'm prepared with the Bromelain tablets and have also been eating fresh pineapples. I stopped drinking alcohol a week before and will probably not drink it for another week while I'm on antibiotics. As of now, 13 hrs after the procedure, I'm not feeling any pain, just some discomfort because of the discharge and the compression belt. Will keep you posted.

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on the 21st of July it will be a full 4mos since I got my procedure done. Happy w my results, so far I am on the fence about my feelings. I haven't seen anything dramatic yet although I have been told by my Doc that I am still swollen. I guess I was hoping to see dramatic results EARLIER on as they advertise everywhere but everyone heals differently and I was not mentally prepared for this to take MONTHS to see progress. I am how can I say 'have a less of a gut' in that area (abdomen) BUT I am not flat as I would like to be but I have less rolls - MIND you I was not BIG to begin with so maybe that is why I thought that I should had expected to see something earlier on. As for my inner thighs no clue how they are doing, to me they look the same. I went to Steven Victor (cosmetic dermatologist).
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you went shopping and to the park... OK honestly I had the procedure done myself here in NYC and one thing I can say; today you feel good but you are doing an amount of walking and activities that you should not. You will start to swell up in the next day or two. What they don't tell you about this procedure that it truly takes MONTHS to see full results and for the 1st few weeks you will look as if you were 3mos pregnant. I only tell you this as a friendly FYI- try to rest these few days and stay away from the sun as it will increase the swelling. Even if you feel fine DO NOT excercise too much. Walking of course is suggested but gradually. I wish someone had filled me in with the aftermath because boy was I and still waiting to see results. P.S. I paid 5400 and got my abs, inner thighs, and love handles dones. Just sharing my story. Good LUCK!
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Hi, Are you happy with your results?How long has it been? What Dr. did you use here in NY? Thanks!
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Thanks for the wishes. It has been 2 weeks now and haven't seen any results yet..or should I say haven't noticed anything yet. I am still swollen but am not so sre anymore. I wasn't actually hurting, the pain was more like how you feel when you have done lots of situps. I was more sore than anything else. Luckily I did not bruise at all. In the first week, if I sucked my stomach in, it hurt a little, but now I don't feel anything. It still feels a little numb in the lower abdomen. Am def swollen and hate wearing the compression garment especially now since it is 90 degrees everyday! My doc did tell me that true results will be after 3 months, so am patiently waiting and am hoping the swelling will subside soon!
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