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Hi!! So I have been wanting a nose job since I was...

Hi!! So I have been wanting a nose job since I was in 8th grade. Even though I'm an adult, I am still teased and called names like pelican, flamingo, olive oil etc etc and am just tired of not feeling pretty! I know I'm an attractive person but I think my long, bumpy nose detracts from other features that i think are great and I feel like my self -confidence has taken a hit over the past few years. Just sooo ready to have this procedure!

I have a consultation on Sept. 26. I am not really nervous because I want to get this over with but I'm sure I will be once I get closer to the date! I'll update more once I go to the consultation. Thanks for reading :)


Good luck
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awww thank you for the sweet comments! I'll take a look at the list you sent. Thanks so much :)
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You get teased? You're gorgeous! Seriously cannot believe some people.

I'm happy for you, though, and I hope you'll let us know how your consultation goes. If you can, go on at least two or three to get ideas of different approaches.

Here's a list of questions to ask your prospective rhinoplasty surgeon.

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