Effect of the Nose Tip After Nostrils Surgery - New York

Hi i had a nostrils surgery 3 month ago where i...

hi i had a nostrils surgery 3 month ago where i reduce the size of the nosetrils, but the scar is still up lift from the skin,, it has slowly go down but the tip of my nose is sticking out and tight. i only wanted to reduce the nostrils not change the tip and the bridge. those this swollen scar on my nostrils where they cut have any effect on the tip? will the tip be better after the scar is totaly heel?

I ment hope that it Will be better*
i have exaclty the same problem hope that it will be better =) i really hope for that

Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! If you could post photos of what you're describing it would help us visualize it. Thanks and I look forward to learning more about your rhinoplasty!

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