Having Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Soon - New York, NY

Having the procedure under Dr. Guida. Am hoping...

Having the procedure under Dr. Guida. Am hoping for the best…Am scared but excited..Hopefully this turns out to be a good experience 'coz obviously no room for second time or revisions..Searched a lot in the city for a good doctor and I think the one I chose has the aesthetic I am looking for. His nose jobs don't look done, be it ethnic or not..


Good luck and all the best too you !! I too, am trying to have this surgery done as soon the week of the 16th ... :/ I am hoping for the 18th or 20th. And I am going for a Rhinoplasty /Chin Augmentation. I think Im nervous more than anything. Just praying its neat and I recover well.
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That's an exciting combination that can make a huge difference in your look! Here's a list of supplies you might want to have handy for recovery.

I hope you'll keep us posted!

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