Results Were Great in the Beginning but over Time Hair Has Grown Back - New York, NY

Pros - Results were good over the seven months I...

Pros - Results were good over the seven months I was receiving the treatments.

Cons - about 90% of the hair has grown back since I had my last treatment about four months ago. Also quite painful.

For years I had always wanted to have this procedure done so when a laser treatment center came to my small town I jumped at the opportunity. After promising results in the beginning I am left disappointed and out of $900.


Hair should definitely not grow back within months. I've gone almost five years now with very little grow-back.
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Do you know what machine you were treated with? Always make sure it is a true laser and not an IPL!
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The workers at the facility were very nice and the center offered many other spa like services (manicure, pedicures, massages etc.) I just would not recommend laser hair removal.

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