Under the Muscle Breast Augmentation - New York, NY

I got a breast augmentation on Monday using saline...

I got a breast augmentation on Monday using saline 330 cc. I was a gymnast growing up and have a very muscular upper body, which because of the doctor suggested going under the muscle to smooth out the pec line I have. He made me aware that this will be more painful and a longer recovery because they will be stretching the muscle. Once I woke up I was in excruciating pain. It was the expected tightness/pain that the doctor worked me about but it felt like my muscles were torn from my body. The doctor came in and told me my muscles were tighter then expected so now I have to let my muscles heal. The first two days I had limited to no movement in my arms or stomach. Yesterday and today (days 3 and 4) I am able to move more but my pain level is still high and I am still unable to sit up or get out of bed on my own. I am writing this review so is you are wondering to go under the muscle or not you are fully aware of the pain or recovery. For me I feel it was worth, I couldn't wear many tops/dresses due to how insecure I was die to my chest muscle. I only suggest it under the muscle if you have the same issue, if not due yourself the favor and go over.


Congratulations on your surgery! Sorry to hear of the awful muscle pain. I also had saline unders many years ago along with a muscular chest (from gymnastics and sports,) and a small build. My pain was somewhat similar. Hang in there...it gets better everyday but it takes a while to heal. Have you had anyone helping your during your recovery? Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. Looking forward to your updates!

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Congratulations! I've heard most surgeons recommend saline implants under the muscle because they have more ripples than silicone. Just take it easy and relax. You'll feel a little better every day.
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Your recovery was prob more diffacult b/c of your significant muscle due to being a gymnast. I work out a lot with heavy weights (no way near being like a gymnast) I went under the muscle and my recovery was pretty easy. I just felt like I had a very hard workout. Mostly soreness not pain. I was done on a tues and that Saturday had a surprise B-day party at my house for my hubby and I was fine. I was drinking tho so that may have helped! LOL! Everyone does recover differently but I always recommend under the muscle since it tends to look better
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