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I had a vampire smile I would call it. My too fang...

I had a vampire smile I would call it. My too fang teeth stuck out in front of all my other top teeth. I got 10 veneers done. It was the painfullest experience I ever went through...

My painful story: Got my temporary teeth on, they looked perfect I loved them.Two weeks I went back in to get my veneers put in. They looked horrible so we sent them back. Two weeks later they got the new veneers, they looked good so the dentist puts them all in my teeth. I had to get numbed so much because I felt it alot. I think I was in there for almost 3-4 hours! The pain was so intense I had to stop and try to breathe. I almost had a panick attack. I get the mirror to look at the finished process. THEY LOOKED HORRIBLE, THEY WERE TOO SHORT YOU COULDNTN EVEN SEE THEM WHEN I WAS SMILING. I WAS CRYING SO BAD.

so they had to call the lab and have them make new ones again!!!! a couple of days later I had to go back so they can RIP ALL MY 10 VENEERS OUT to put temporary on again! two weeks later finally get my perfect teeth. The dentist had to put me under laughing gas which did hardly anything. The pain wasnt as bad but still it hurt like hell. They looked amazing and perfect at the end.

I love my smile now but I hate how it feels... They are so sentive to cold or hot things. smiling in the windy ABSOLUTELY NOT HAPPENING. I have throbbing pain all the time for no reason. They dont feel like I can bite in a sandwich and pull with my teeth. I love how they look but def not how they feel.


Hi New York,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. Wow it sounds like you have gone through a lot. Did your dentist say when the pain would stop? Do you have picture?  Please keep us updated.



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They are not throbbing with pain anymore. I had to...

They are not throbbing with pain anymore. I had to get a root canal bc of them in one of my teeth. still sensitive in cold weather and I can not bite and rip into a sandwich forever and ever. I do sleep with a mouth piece everynight so sexy


Hi, Please I am looking for a good doctor to put on my veneer. Could you please give the name or contact of your doctor please??? Thank you very much for your help Kelly
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If you click on the Find a Doctor tab at the top of the screen under the search bar you can choose the location that you would like see a list of dentists that serve that area. Then you can check out their profiles, reviews, and consider if they are the right one for you to see. There are several Cosmetic Dentists listed in New York City. Hopefully that will help. :)

Hi, I am looking for a good dentist to do my veneers. Its not easy to find a good dentist. Can we share some info together? Thx BTW, I am in new york too.
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My dentist is amazing, its not his fault.

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