Want to Go Through with Rhinoplasty This Winter!! - New York, NY

So far I have been to one consultation at Dr...

So far I have been to one consultation at Dr Jeffrey Epstein's office. It went really well! His consultant, Jon Hoffenberg, was VERY informative - he took his time answering all possible questions I would have - I barely had to ask anything. Dr Epstein came in towards the end to review my nose, take pictures and tell me what he see's for my nose and reassure me about the concerns that i had.
I will be getting the computer imaging sent to me this week and i'm excited to see what he has in mind for me.
I am quite comfortable going forward with him even without having seen the imaging - The only reservation that I have is that his clinic is based in Miami! Traveling from New York to Miami on my own for surgery... That is an EXTRA load. As much as they reassured me that i would be safe and comfortable with the nurses + have discounts available at nearby hotels, it COULD be a deal breaker. :(
Good luck my dear!!!
Trust me I have notvhad my surgery with Dr Epstein but my online conqultation with him was great. They are really helpul. He is good looking and talented. Wish you the best. Wairing for ur b4 n after
You are absolutely gorgeous! I personally wouldn't travel for the surgery, any extra stress that can be avoided absolutely should be avoided. But of course it's up to what you think would be most comfortable. Good luck!
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