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VI Peel on Dark Skin - New York, NY

What a great personal investment. I am a dark...

What a great personal investment. I am a dark skinned blk male in his 20's and this peel delivered as promised. My skin looked and felt extremely smooth after 5 days with no discomfort during the application or time In between the estimated healing process. On cue I began to peel on day 3 and actually embraced it. It did wonders for evening my tone, softening my skin and best of all shrinking my pores. I love the results and am considering a second.

Thanks Brooklyn for your review, I have terrible acne and eczema and the medications I've been prescribed just isn't working. I wanted to try something new but was reluctant because I know many treatments are not suitable for AA skin. I'll try the Vi Peel.

Hi acneheal,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the comment. Would you mind posting a review of your experience, I think it would help the community.



Hey brooklyn,
Glad I found this site, good to hear that the vi peel worked for you. I'm also in my 20's african canadian male and had the vi peel yesterday. I'm on my second day and it feels really tight. I'm hoping for significant improvements from the acne scaring and discoloration I had. I'll keep you posted.
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