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Unfortunatly Not Worth It. - New York, NY

I have been taking care of my skin since i was 30...

I have been taking care of my skin since i was 30 years old. Im 46. I have spent $$$ on new non - invasive treatments. I use the best skin products money can buy. So when Ulthera was on 60 minutes , Dr . Phila and our local news, I was very interested. I read up on the procedure and reviews. While the reviews where mostly good there were some bad. So needlessly to say I was optimistic. Drove 11/2 hours to Dr.s office, they told me because I was driving I couldnt get aoain pill. They assured me its not that bad. OMG... it was the most painful procedure Ive ever had!!!! And Im not exaggerating at all!
Ive had fraxel, deep FX, as well as Botox . This was the all time worse. Then paid $1600, which I understand is a bargain. I had some very minimal improvement under my eyes, but that was it.. I was told wait 3 months , which I did.. Still no improvement. I went back for a 2nd go round. $800 this time, and still nothing.
I blame the Dr.s and the media for blowing the hype up over this machine. If your thinking of getting this procedure , DIAL your expectations way down!!!! For the $ it is most definetly not worth it.

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Keep in mind that the media consists of producers leafing through PR pitches and then selecting what will resonate with the public. The notion that Dr Phil actually thinks something is great and so decides to promote it is just an illusion. The PR folks pitch all the shows and make it look like something is magical when it is not necessarily so.
I believe Ultherapy is a great preventive treatment or for the very mildest of skin laxity but it won't lift the skin once the elastin fibers are shot.
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Yeah, it seems most people report the changes are very subtle. I think that is great for people who expect that, but if you are paying that kind of money and expecting to see some more obvious changes I can definitely understand how it would be disappointing. 

How long has it been since you had your second treatment done?

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