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Hello Ladies, I have 2 children and after my...

Hello Ladies,

I have 2 children and after my first one i thought that i might one of those women that we all envy who never look like they had kids... that was until i had my second! With my second baby he was almost 9 lbs and since im a natural 116lbs my stomach didnt handle it well., i have dark purple scars and wrinkles around my belly button. it broke my heart because i had NEVER in my life felt insecure... and now... i hate to look at it. i know it could be a lot worse, but i also know that it could be alot better aswell! i am determined to get back what i once had and fix the skin on my stomach. on top of that i also had a csection with my second so i have this little POOCH that REFUSES to go away lol so im in the research phase!

I agree with Kimmers, if you are at that point where you can't stand to look at it, do what you need to do or would like to do- to feel better aout your body. If I had the cash I would have done mine a lot sooner... I had one child and THAT was enough for me. My body was NEVER the same... So I certainly won't be having any more... Sad but if my end result is what is on my profile- it is such a turn off from parenthood LOL... Either way, I hope you find all the information you need and find a great PS for what you're researching. :o) Good Luck!

Keep your chin up!!   This will be fixed and you will be happy again.  

Continue to do your research and don't rush the process.  The most important part is finding the perfect doctor for you.   Take your time and meet with at least three surgeons.  I realize budget is a high priority for us; but please do not let cost be the only deciding factor.  

You have come to the best place for connections and research.   I know you will make great connections here with everyone.


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