Scam? -New York, NY

I had Thermage done on my lower abs almost 3 years...

I had Thermage done on my lower abs almost 3 years ago. I was hoping to tighten the little bit of pregnancy related loose skin that I've had for many years. I found the actual procedure to be quite painful and for several days afterward it felt like a bad sunburn. Other than a small dent (scar?) that appeared on the left side of my abdomen, I saw absolutely no results or improvement from the procedure, either immediately after or at any point since.

The company's advertising brochures show dramatic results on women with loose, saggy abdominal skin. I find it hard to believe that this procedure would tighten their severe sagging and do nothing for my slight problem. I strongly suspect that the before pictures in the advertising feature women who recently gave birth and the after pictures reflect the natural recovery after giving birth rather than any miraculous results from the Thermage procedure. I suspect this is a scam and i do not recommend it at all.

I'm sorry you didn't see any results, that must be so frustrating.  What did the practitioner say about it?  Did they give a reason?  Just curious.

She kept telling me that she "guaranteed" I'd see results if I gave it enough time. It never happened and I finally gave up. I really do feel like a sucker for paying so much for what I'm quite sure is a scam.
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