i hate this thing ! ughhh !!! help ! - New York, NY

I am from NY. My name is Crystal, rather Chrissy....

I am from NY. My name is Crystal, rather Chrissy. I have a tattoo on my side that I cant wait to get rid of !! I am looking for a really good place to take this off my body! I didn't ever think I would regret it, but I got it out of anger, and I was in a bad place at the time. So I want to get this off NOW ! lol If anyone knows a good place to go or have info about a coverup place, PLEASE leave messages or comments !

I'm glad you started your story so the community can help you out.

Here are a couple reviews from others in your area. You might want to reach out to them to ask how things are going and what thoughts they have on where to go:

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