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Smart Lipo One Year After TT - New York, NY

So here I go I have decided to go through and have...

So here I go I have decided to go through and have smart lipo on my inner and outer thigh, flanks and abs and mons. After having my TT last year, my PS said he would not do Lip with the TT so I decided to wait, Dec. 16 will be one year and I think I need to have it done. I went to see Dr. Arnold Breitbart in Sept but had some issue to deal with before I made up my mind

be careful it could worsen instead of get better, Have so many to try and fix my abs and handles, I have given up , exercise my friend , But if u must let us know how it turns up.
Just got back from have my procedure done, I have to say nothing like a TT moving around with some pain but doing good will update with pic and more details...

Hi Degee, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Good luck with your procedure on the 12th, I hope everything goes well! Please do come back and let us know how it went, once you're able to.


Just to let everyone, I am doing well after my...

Just to let everyone, I am doing well after my smart lipo back in Dec. I was going a very very hard time, with the sudden passing of my mother in January so I did not take time to update my healing process. I am doing very, very good, the only problem is this "small lump" just over my BB at first it was just a lump but for a week now has gotten painful, my PS said it could be tissue and watch it. If it continues to hurt like this I am going to call and go back on Monday...Have a great weekend all!
Hope you're enjoying your new body! Dr breitbart did SmartLipo of my abdomen and flanks and he gave a great result :) I was hoping to see your post op pics too if possible!
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