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Smart Lipo MPX & Vaser to Upper Arms & 3D Abs - New York, NY

After years of feeling uncomfortable in my...

After years of feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, and without the extra time to do much at the gym other than maintain my weight, I decided to try laser lipo. The doctor says he will use Smart Lipo MPX and/or Vaser technologies depending on variables such as skin type and amount of fat to be removed.

I'm 29 years old, 5'7" and between 135 and 140 pounds depending on the week. I exercise and eat right most days. I'm usually a size 4 or 6, but shirt sleeves are too tight on my upper arms and waistbands dig into the skin (ok, fat) on my abdomen.

As to the "3D" abdomen area, this includes the dreaded "pooch" as well as a bit of the hips and love handles.

My procedure is in 3 days. I'm so excited to feel more comfortable and to see results! I'm only a little nervous, but my mom is nervous enough for the both of us :)

Welcome to RealSelf, elleliz. Good luck tomorrow and please keep us updated on your results when you're up and about again!


1.5 days post-op - I'm pretty uncomfortable in the...

1.5 days post-op - I'm pretty uncomfortable in the compression garment around my abs but I'm not in pain except when I get up and sit down. I'm sleeping a lot, taking 2 Tylenol every 4 hours, drinking a lot of water, and avoiding sodium, caffeine and alcohol.

There has been what seems like a lot of drainage but none in the past few hours. Anyone know how to tell when an area is done draining?
Hi there! Congrats on your smart lipo! :) I just had mine 5 days ago, on the 15th. Mine only drained for the first day and a little into the second. I just had a small area done and only two incisions. It seemed like most of the drainage came out of one of the sites, and not much out of the other! Weird. Good luck with your healing!

11 days post-op - Almost back to normal, bruises...

11 days post-op - Almost back to normal, bruises have faded, I'm able to exercise, and there's only occasional tenderness and numbness. I had a check-up 4 days ago - the doctor said everything was healing very well, to wear the compression garments 8 hours per day, and I would continue to improve over the next few months. He also suggested taking ibuprofen daily to combat swelling. I will post more photos in a couple of weeks when the results become more apparent.

Paul Jarrod Frank, M.D.

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