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General Post Op Tips - New York, NY

I just got my first of two Smart Lipo procedures...

I just got my first of two Smart Lipo procedures done today. Same as everyone else, I decided on this procedure because I'd struggled to lose weight with diet and exercise. I will be turning 30 in a August, am 5'5" and fluctuated between 150-160 the past 3years. Compared to other options, Smart Lipo appeared to be a less invasive/painful procedure (and like everyone else's posts, it hurt!) and have quick recovery so I could look my best for the last few months in my 20s!

That said, today I got my flanks and lower back done (4L). Next Saturday I will be going back to get my upper and lower abs, upper back and arms done. My Dr recommended doing the procedure in two days bc of the amount he was removing.

In any case, I didn't get many tips on post op care other than not to remove bandages and compression garment until our follow up on Wednesday. Which after reading some reviews, seems like way too much time to pass for a follow up. Do you agree?

Additionally I was only instructed to take my anti-biotics, iron supplements, drink water and to avoid carbs & salt. Are there any other dietary tips?

What's the best way to reduce bloating? 4-6 weeks is a long time so would love some tips to try and appear somewhat normal this summer! :)

Do daily walks help? I was also advised to sit propped up at and angle vs straight up? Were those recommended to help with draining/bloating?

Also understanding that everyone's recovery timeline is different, what are some general and/or weekly benchmarks in the healing process so I can manage my own expectations?

So in regards to timing, with today being Saturday, I only took Monday off from work. Should I haven given myself some more time? And that just made me realize, when can I shower??

What are some general post op MUSTs and DONTs? Any other insights here would be great and much appreciated. Thank you

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I was given the following:

Take the arnica pellets starting 2 days before and 15 days after for the swelling and bruising., (5 pellets 3 times a day) - my doctor supplied mine but you can by them. I am also going to purchase the arnica gel and a hand held massager for the lumps that may form(use without heat)
Make sure you eat the day of surgery so you are not nauseated from the medication. They said more than just a protein shake, eat a decent breakfast, if the surgery is in the afternoon, eat breakfast and lunch.
Stop taking Asprin, ibuprofen, advil, fish oil, vitamin c and e 2 weeks before surgery. You should only take what they give you or extra strength Tylenol for pain.
you may want to have stool softener in case of constipation after the surgery.
You may want to buy a pair of spanx to wear after you do not have to wear their compression garment.
You can use anti-bacterial ointment on the wounds and when they close you can use a scarring cream
Get super maxi pads and medical tape for the leaking.
These were all from my instruction list from sonobello.
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