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My Rhino Experience - New York, NY

Hello everybody, I have done the procedure on...

Hello everybody,
I have done the procedure on 11/05/13 in NYC. It is the 8 day after surgery (bump removal, defining the tip), but my tip, which I wanted to be thinner is the same or even bigger. Also, it is very soft. Is that normal? I am very nervous, because I have been waiting for this for many years. Getting very depressed. Please help:(

Need your advise

Hello everyone again. Today is the 9th day after surgery and as the swelling on the bridge goes down, I can see the bump coming back! Also, the wideness of the tip part is the same! Please advise if it is normal. Thank you.

the bump is coming back

Hello everybody, it was 3.5 weeks since my surgery and the bump is coming back more and more every day :(. The doctor said that we will have to wait and do the revision after 3 months of the surgery if it does not disappear. Please share if anybody has the same experience.
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Don't worry! It will go down after a few months, good luck!
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Has it gotten better?
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Hello, thank you for your concern.The nose is still very wide.I see that that as the swelling comes down the bump is becoming visible again. I can not wait for the doctor's visit to express my concerns. i have been waiting for this for 10 years and is very upset.
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It can take a long time to get a defined tip if there is swelling. Look at my photos, 4 months after and I still had a wide tip, 4 years on and it looks more defined. Be patient, it took me 1.3 years more or less before i noticed definition in my nose again. Good luck!
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Thanks for sharing on RealSelf! Rhinoplasty swelling can last for quite a while. Try not to fret quite yet! Please keep us posted on how you're healing as time goes by.

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thank you for the quick response. The cast was taken out 2 days ago. The nose is very wide and the tip is not hard. Though, I wanted it thinner :(
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your tip will be super-wide for a while. it's very weird that your tip is soft. is your dr really good at bump removal?
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Usually the tip is hard and swollen. Did u have the cast taken off yet
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