HUGE RISK with RIZK. Not Worth It - New York, NY

I didnt need a revision rhinoplasty to begin with,...

I didnt need a revision rhinoplasty to begin with, comparably speaking, but Dr. Rizk convinced me that spending 15k of my money with him would be worth it. WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE. I CANT LOOK IN THE MIRROR WITHOUT CRYING. I never told him to add cartilage to the entire nose, I just thought he was going to add cartilage to the drooping tip. Everyone on the street used to stare at me, now no one looks at me. I dont feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. He completely ruined my face. Do not trust him, he just has really good PR that blocks negative reviews.
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I'm so sorry you're not happy with your results. Do you have before and after pics you could show us. I was considering Dr Rick for a revision but after reading the many reviews I'm starting to feel like he's largely favorable to implants and is overpriced. I've already paid 5000 for my first nose job which was a mistake so I'm not solely looking at price, but if he's gonna be charging what he does he better be awesome. I realize there are always going to be some unhappy patients but it seems like there is more than a few so I'll keep doing my homework. Thanks for your honesty.
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Is your nose looking any better?
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When you wrote your review how long had it been since your revision? And how is it looking now? Any improvements since?
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I'm so sorry this happened to you. May I ask what sort of cartilage he added, and where? Honestly...patients should do something. This is a terrible bodily violation and it isn't the first time I've read someone say they were surprised by an implant or addition that was never discussed in the consult. I hope this gets better. I'm having horrible scarring and complications that have led to a nose I no longer feel is part of my face, physically or aesthetically.
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As others have stated, swelling takes a long time so it's hard to know if what you are experiencing is normal- you did not state how long ago your revision was. I know you say you did not need a revision comparably, so just curious what you did not like about your first rhinoplasty to even consider a high-cost surgeon/revision procedure? Usually cartilage is added in revisions for noses that are very visibly weakened/ compromised/ destroyed. I don't doubt you are unhappy, but did he explain why your nose appeared to need the extra cartilage? Maybe he foresaw something that could cause issue down the line? I am not defending your surgeon whatsoever, it is just that your review left some stuff out that I'd be curious of, so just wondering is all. I know all about review blocking on other sites, I had experienced it with mine as well. I am surprised you are complaining that people are not staring at you? People stare at me a lot and it is because I don't look good, and "off". I'd give anything for people to not "stare" at me, so you got me there... unless you are trying to say you got "checked out all the time", which I wouldn't rely on as reflecting what you look like. At least too much was added instead of removed. Are you considering graft removal now? Good luck.
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I would rather have too much removed. I told him I wanted a small nose like Leighton Meester and he literally made me look like a different person. It was very traumatizing to look in the mirror. He never told me he'd make the nose bigger, just that he was going to add cartilage. I didn't realize the nose would look huge. The reason I wanted it is because the nose was drooping off my face. But I'd trade that for a cartilage mess that gets in the way of my other features any day. I posted a picture of how it looks now and 8 surgeons responded that it's too big for my face. I want the smallest nose possible, like Connie Sellecca or Brooke Shields. I don't know what surgeon can deliver these results
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I understand you wanted it smaller, but I can really assure you that if you had too much removed, your life would really feel ruined. You can't get something back once it is gone, and if anyone knows that, it is me. It is really hard to get a nose small but still with structure. You can always remove more, so please do see the positive in it. I hope you find a dr who can deliver the results you want, but I am also happy you still have something left to work with without having to get your chest cut open for grafting material.
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I agree
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Sorry about your terrible experience. I hope you can find a skilled surgeon to give you the nose you want. Good luck.
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I'm sorry for all you're going through. I do hope it gets better in time. How long has it been since your revision? Just wondering because it does take a lot of time for the swelling to resolve.
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